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How to Fix Crashing in Helldivers 2

Are crashes ruining your Helldivers 2 experience? Here's what you can do to troubleshoot.

Whether you’re in the middle of a mission or just finished the tutorial, crashes will leave you wondering what just happened. Here’s how to fix crashing in Helldivers 2, so you can get back to battling alien hordes across the galaxy.

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How to Fix Helldivers 2 Crashing on PC

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PC players are experiencing more crashes than usual after Helldivers 2’s highly anticipated launch. Some have reported that the game crashes at the end of a mission while others can’t play for more than 15 minutes before receiving a black screen. There isn’t a single fix that will work for everyone since a lot of variables can affect performance, such as old drivers or the wrong PC specs. No matter the cause, it’s pretty annoying. I’ve listed ways you can troubleshoot below.

Restart Helldivers 2 and Your PC

Just to get it out of the way, you should always restart the game and your PC if you experience a sudden crash. It’s standard advice that doesn’t take too much effort if it doesn’t work. And it’s a nice, simple fix if it does.

Check That Your PC Meets Helldivers 2’s System Requirements

When I had a potato PC, I always pushed it to its limits, but there were just some games that it couldn’t run. It doesn’t hurt to double-check that your hardware meets the system requirements for Helldivers 2.

Verify Your Game Files

If it’s not a problem with your hardware, then it’s best to check that your game files aren’t corrupted or missing. To do so, you’ll need to verify your game files on Steam by right-clicking on Helldivers 2 in the games library, selecting “Properties,” and clicking on the “Local Files” tab. From there, select “Verify Integrity of Game Files,” and wait for the process to complete. Afterwards, restart Steam and open the game to see if crashing persists.

How to Update Your Graphics Drivers

It’s easy to forget to update your graphics drivers. Download the latest Nvidia Drivers or the latest AMD Drivers to ensure you’re up to date. It’s also best to restart your PC after doing so.

Check Your Firewall Settings

Update Helldivers 2‘s permissions in your settings, just in case it’s your Firewall that’s causing the game to crash. Go to your Windows “Firewall & Network Protection” system settings under Windows Security. Select the option to “Allow an app through firewall” and choose “Change settings” at the top-right corner. From here, you can choose “Allow another app” to give Helldivers 2 the proper permissions.

Disable Steam Input

Some players have found that changing the controller input on Steam fixes crashing. Similar to verifying your game files, go to the Properties section of the game in your Steam library. This time you need to go into the Controller tab, and under the section that says “Override for Helldivers 2,” switch it to “Disable Steam Input.”

Those are the best troubleshooting methods that I’ve found for fixing Helldivers 2 crashes. For more on the game, such as how to fix the server request failed error and whether the game supports cross-platform progression, check out our growing guides hub.

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