Are Skull and Bones Servers Down? How to Check Server Status

Wondering if Skull and Bones is down? Here's how to check.

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If your seafaring adventure is rudely interrupted by connectivity problems, it might be the servers. Whether it’s Ubisoft’s scheduled maintenance or just unexpected downtime, you can see if other pirates are experiencing the same problems. Here are the best ways to check Skull and Bones server status for PC, Xbox, and PS5.

Is Skull and Bones Down? How to Check Server Status

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With Skull and Bones being an online multiplayer game, there are bound to be server problems, especially since servers are decently sized with 20-player support. For instance, errors like “KINGFISHER-4” have affected chat servers, or you might receive a “Failed to join game session” error. It’s always nice when an official server tracker, such as Palworld’s, is built into the game.

However, to check Skull and Bones servers, you can go to Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones Support page, which shows current server alerts for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. You can also see the last time the status was updated. If you’re still experiencing issues, I recommend investigating the following:

Additional Ways to Troubleshoot Skull and Bones Connectivity Problems

There are some standard ways you can troubleshoot performance and connection issues in Skull and Bones. In the event that it’s not server-related, I always find it best to double-check your internet connection and run a speed test. You should also restart your PC or console just to give yourself a fresh start.

That covers how to check Skull and Bones server status. More often than not, if you’re failing to join games, others are, too. Server errors are unfortunately very common, but they’re often fixed quickly. For more on surviving pirate life, take a look at our growing guides hub.

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