Are Palworld Servers Down? How to Check Palworld Server Status

Here's where to check Palworld server status if you're having trouble connecting.

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To say its release has been a success is an understatement, with developer Pocketpair announcing Palworld sold a million copies on Steam in less than eight hours. With such massive sales come server overloads. Here’s how to check Palworld server status.

Is Palworld Down? How to Check Server Status

There’s an official server status tracker for Palworld in the game itself, and it’s the first place to look if you’re having trouble connecting to or hosting servers. Click the “Server Failure Information” button next to the server selection menu in the dedicated server selection screen to reach it.

There are a lot of server errors floating around Palworld right now for server hosts, players trying to create multiplayer worlds for their friends to join, and those trying to hop into other players’ worlds and servers. There are a few options for playing the game offline. You can set a world to be singleplayer for a session, or you can disable Epic Online Services completely via editing a file.

How to Find the Palworld Server Status Page

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You can head to this server status page to check the Palworld server status directly. This is the first place to go if you’ve run into the EOS Login error, for example. It’s segmented between official servers and player servers, which are marked as “server lobby” here.

However, you can’t check the status of privately-owned servers directly. You must check their individual communities in Discord or elsewhere. It never hurts to see how the base of the framework, the “server lobby,” is functioning via the tracker.

If you’re specifically getting an error stating “Failed to host multiplayer session,” try checking out our guide on that issue specifically. Though the solutions aren’t perfect, and one requires you disable Epic Online Services for the time being, one of the fixes in there might work for you.

That’s it for how to check Palworld server status. Check out more of our guides to Pocketpair’s creature collector here on GameSkinny, such as how to manage your inventory, the best stats to level up, and how to heal and revive Pals.

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