Ark Survival Ascended: Can’t Loot Mobs Fix

If you can't pick up items after downing an enemy in Ark Survival Ascended, this is what you should do.

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Whether the inventory isn’t showing up, you can’t interact with your downed target, or the menu doesn’t open, not getting your items is a frustrating experience. In this guide, we’ll go over a fix if you can’t loot mobs in Ark: Survival Ascended.

How to Fix the Mob Loot Bug in Ark: Survival Ascended

You’ve finally taken down the dino you needed to craft a new item. Whether you’re just beginning or a high level character, everyone knows the feeling of going to get the much farmed for loot. You get to the body and interact with it, review the waiting loot, and hoard it with glee. For survival games, these items can spell success or failure.

However, some players are finding they can’t see the inventory of fallen prey. No matter which way they interact with the corpse, move themselves for a better angle, or crouch down, the menu won’t pop up. Ark is known for being riddled with bugs. Instead of cursing the game, instead try switching to first person mode and try to loot again. The essential flowchart for sorting out this issue is as follows:

  • Ensure your quarry is actually dead, not just unconscious.
  • Switch to first person mode and attempt to loot.
  • Restart the game if it still doesn’t work, and try again.
  • Submit a support ticket if you still can’t access loot menus after attempting to loot in first person mode and restarting the game.
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It’s that simple. If you’re already in first person point of view and can’t see mob loot, try popping into third person and back to first person a couple times. This should get the system to register the change and allow you to acquire your treasure. Otherwise, you’ll need to send in a support ticket for further game assistance.

That’s how to fix being unable to loot mobs in Ark Survival Ascended. For more help, check out our growing guide hub, as well as our coverage for previous editions of Ark.

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