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Ark Survival Ascended: How to Change Game Language

Learn how to change language in Ark Survival Ascended.

You might be looking for a “Change Language” setting in Ark Survival Ascended and are confused about where it is. In this case, I’ll show you how to change game language in Ark Survival Ascended.

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This is one of those options that should be an in-game setting but it isn’t as of yet. Still, there’s a simple way to change your language from the Steam options menu.

How to Change Game Language in Ark Survival Ascended

Seeing as Ark Survival Ascended is still in early access, the settings menu still lacks some miscellaneous options like changing your language in-game. While this is slightly troublesome, you can still change your language through Steam options. Note that this must be done before launching your game and that this method is not available for consoles.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your Steam library and locate Ark Survival Ascended.
  • Right-click on it and select “Properties”.
  • In the “General” tab locate the “Launch Options” section near the bottom.
  • Select the dialogue box and type in “-culture=X”.
  • Confirm and relaunch the game.

The “X” stands for your language code which can be for example “en” for English or “de” for “German”.

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Ark Survival Ascended Language Codes

Ark Survival Ascended is available in various different languages in terms of interface and subtitles. English is the only voice-over language currently. That said, here are some of the other language codes you can use:

  • English: en
  • French: fr
  • Italian: it
  • German: de
  • Spanish – Spain: es
  • Danish: da
  • Dutch: nl
  • Japanese: ja
  • Korean: ko
  • Portuguese – Brazil: pt-br or pt_br
  • Russian: ru
  • Simplified Chinese: zh
  • Traditional Chinese: zh-tw
  • Turkish: tr

Whichever one you choose make sure not to input two “-culture” commands but to simply replace the previous one when switching languages.

I hope this guide on how to change language in Ark Survival Ascended was useful. Localization is an ongoing process and the game might support more languages in the future. For more information and tips on the game, check out our ASA guides hub like how to access console commands and the ones for better performance.

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