Ark Survival Ascended: How to Switch to First Person View

Trying to get a new view in Ark Survival Ascended? Here's how to switch your camera.

Within a dense forest area, a player is holding a green rifle and about to shoot a Raptor.
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Ark Survival Ascended has a lot of nuances and options, especially when it comes to the game’s camera options. Whether you’re playing on PC or on a console like Xbox Series X|S, this guide will go over how to switch to first-person view in Ark Survival Ascended.

How to Switch to First Person View in Ark Survival Ascended

How to Switch to First Person on Xbox

On a cliffside, a player is readying a bow to use on a Megaloceros.
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To change the camera view on Xbox, you’ll need to follow these exact steps:

  • Hold down the View button (occasionally called the Back or Select button by some) to open a radial menu.
  • Move the right stick over the option that’s labeled “Toggle Third Person” in the bottom left.
  • Let go of the View Button.

Ark Survival Ascended has a lot of options and mechanics, with quite a few needing to be redesigned somewhat to work with a controller. These include different HUD toggles and a variety of camera options, including the switch between first and third person.

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How to Switch to First Person on PC

Changing the view is a whole lot easier on PC, as by default all you need to do is scroll your mouse wheel. If you’re playing on PC with a controller though, you’ll have to deal with the same control layout as Xbox/console players. This means you’ll need to hold the view button (or its equivalent) and use the radial menu.

How to Switch Back to Third-Person View in ASA

If you’d rather keep it in the third person or want to enjoy the environment around you more, simply follow the same steps again to switch back to the third-person view. Selecting the Toggle Third Person option will change the camera view once more. Scroll your mouse wheel again to toggle back to the third person on PC.

That covers how to switch to the first-person view in Ark Survival Ascended. For other tips to improve your stay on this dinosaur island, check out our top 10 mods list. All other tips and tricks can be found on our ASA guides hub.

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