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Ark Survival Ascended Rex Guide: How to Tame a T-Rex and All Spawn Locations

Wondering where to find Rex spawns in Ark Survival Ascended? Here's where to look, as well as how to tame one.

As an apex predator, Rexes are one of the strongest tamable creatures, capable of taking out whole tribes within a couple minutes. That also means they aren’t as easy to find as some other dinos on the island. Here’s where to find all the Rex spawn locations in Ark Survival Ascended.

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Best Place to Find Rex Spawn Locations in Ark Survival Ascended

Even at a low level, Tyrannosaurus Rex is a difficult creature to track down. They don’t spawn in any “Easy” areas on the map. You’ll have your work cut out for you.

The most common place to find a Rex in Ark Survival Ascended is in the Tek Cave. However, only come to this location if you need drops like Raw Prime Meat or Tyrannosaurus Arm. Rex’s at the Tek Cave can’t be tamed or domesticated.

Common Rex Spawns on Island
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Very Uncommon Island T-Rex Spawns

Aside from the Tek Cave spawn location, Rex spawns elsewhere are quite uncommon. However, some map locations have increased odds of spawning a Rex, and I suggest heading to these areas to find and tame a Rex. I would completely avoid the far eastern side of the island, though, since Rex’s don’t spawn there at all.

  • Carno Island
  • Delta southwest of Carno Island
  • Far’s Peak
  • Frozen Tooth
  • Grand Hills
  • Smugglers Pass

If you don’t find any Rexes when you visit the area, you can reset the spawns. Leave the location completely and wait a few moments before returning. I prefer doing a loop of each area so I can ensure new spawns while hitting the best spots to search for a high-level Rex.

Very uncommon Rex spawns on Island
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Where to Find Alpha Rex Spawns

Alpha Rex can be found in any normal Rex spawn areas. Like other Alpha dinos, they can’t be tamed and are extremely difficult to kill. If you’re alone or under prepared, run away from the encounter. Otherwise, you may end up like our good friend Gennaro, the lawyer in Jurassic Park.

When prepared and accompanied by your tribe, taking down an Alpha Rex is a great source of pride. It’s also a great source of unique loot every time you slay one, netting you the Alpha Rex Trophy, Alpha Tyrannosaurus Tooth, and Trike Bone Helmet Skin.

How to Find a Rex in The Center

Unfortunately, The Center isn’t currently included in ASA and won’t be released until sometime in February 2024, though the exact timeline hasn’t been confirmed by Studio Wildcard. What’s known right now is that all of the DLC will be free, with Adventure Packs containing additional content and dinosaurs available for purchase.

Once The Center expansion map launches, the best place to find a Tyrannosaurus Rex will be around the Lava Cave, as long as the spawn points remain the same as Ark: Survival Evolved.

What is the Rex Spawn Command?

If you’re still struggling to find a Rex, can’t find one at level 150, or simply don’t have time to scour every nook and cranny of the island, there are a couple different console commands you can use to spawn one.

To instantly acquire a max level, tamed dino, use the command: gmsummon “Rex_Character_BP_C” 150. If you want to farm lower level Rexes, change the 150 to the level desired.

If you want the challenge of taming it yourself, use this string: SpawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Rex/Rex_Character_BP.Rex_Character_BP'” 500 0 0 150

The two zeros, along with the 500, equal the desired Spawn Distance. The first number set is the distance from left to right, with left being a negative number and right being positive. The second is if the Rex spawn is lower or higher, with lower being the negative numbers.

If you don’t care where the Rex spawns — as long as it’s away from you so you’re not instantly chomped — then the 500 can remain unchanged. If you want it further away, increase the number, or decrease it for a closer target.

How to Tame a Rex in Ark Survival Ascended

Before embarking to find a T-Rex in Ark Survival Ascended, you’ll want to make sure you and your tribe are sufficiently prepared. To tame a Rex, you’ll need to knock it out, whether you tranquilize it or beat it to a bloody pulp. Bring supplies to repair your armor and weapons, along with plenty of arrows, darts, traps, and food.

You’ll also want to have food or Torpor items ready to go for when you finally get it unconscious. When going the food route, some of the best food items to take are Exceptional Kibble x17, Raw Mutton x35, and Raw Prime Meat x44.

Exceptional Kibble is the best food item to take because you only need small amounts and it works the fastest when it comes to taming. If you’re looking to use Torpor on a Rex, you’ll need to stock up on a lot of Narcotics, Aserbic Mushrooms, Bio Toxin, or Narcoberries. This dino’s Torpor drops at an increased rate, so you’ll want someone constantly watching the meter to make sure it doesn’t wake up mid tame.

Rex Dossier
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Once you’re ready to depart, decide on your taming method. If you want to stay sky high, take you’re best Quetzals. They can stay out of a Rex’s range and damage it from above. This is a good option if you head to Carno Island.

The other method is to use a bear trap and four large stone walls. Lay the trap down and build three walls around it. Use a ranged weapon to get the Rex’s attention and then lead it into the trap. As soon as the creature is immobilized, drop the fourth wall. With it secure, you can shoot it with as many tranqs as needed to knock it out.

Those are all of the Rex spawn locations in Ark Survival Ascended, as well as information on how to tame them and spawn them using console commands! For more creature locations, or where to find resources, check out our ASA guides hub.

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