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Ark Survival Ascended: How to Get Bio Toxin

Find out how to get Bio Toxin in ARK: Survival Ascended, including the best farm locations.

Bio Toxin is the strongest resource of its type in Ark: Survival Ascended, trumping even such strong materials as Narcotics and Narcoberries. In this guide, I’ll provide you with tips on how to get Bio Toxin, including the best farming locations.

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How to Get Bio Toxin in Ark Survival Ascended

Bio Toxin can only be obtained from the Cnidaria creature, which is a large jellyfish that roams the underwater biome. Previously, you could also farm Spore Mushrooms, but those are only on the Aberration map and not included in Ascended. Instead, you need to hunt this creature using special mounts that can both swim and resist Cnidaria’s venom, which includes the following dinos:

  • Beelzebufo
  • Spinosaurus
  • Basilosaurus
  • Tusoteuthis
  • Pelagornis

You can also try to use a raft for swimming and shoot the Cnidaria in the water. I also found out that you can lure them to the shore and pierce them with a pike or a spear without getting into the water at all. If you can craft Chainsaw, then that would be even better, as this weapon is extremely effective against Cnidaria.

Lastly, you can spawn Bio Toxin by using console commands, such as:

  • cheat gfi JellyVenom 1 0 0
  • cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/PrimalItemConsumable_JellyVenom.PrimalItemConsumable_JellyVenom'” 1 0 0

Best Places to Farm Bio Toxin

Map showing Cnidaria caves in ARK
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You can find Cnidaria roaming an entire ocean biome, but mostly in the areas that are closer to the shore. Although they’re common underwater creatures, I noticed that it’s much easier to hunt them inside the caves. I marked the two areas on the map above where you can find plenty of Cnidaria underwater caves:

  • A creek between The Western Approach and The Southern Jungle thst stretches all along The Western Coast.
  • A shore located on the eastern side of the island between The Northeast Shores and The Gulch of Lamentation.

What is Bio Toxin Used For?

Bio Toxin is a crafting ingredient at Level 96 for a Shocking Tranquilizer Dart, which is twice as strong as the ordinary Tranquilizer Dart. Here’s the full crafting recipe for the Shocking Tranquilizer Dart:

  • 3 Bio Toxin.
  • 2 Metal Ingot/Scrap Metal Ingot.
  • 1 Tranquilizer Dart.

You can also simply feed the Bio Toxin to unconscious creatures, which will induce Torpor for 16 seconds. Lastly, you can use it to tame the Electrophorus fish.

Is Bio Toxin Better Than Narcotics?

Narcotics or Narcoberries are usually used to turn untamed dinos unconscious to make the taming process easier. Typically, a single dose of Narcotics applies 40 Torpor to an unconscious dino, while a single Narcoberrie will apply 7.5 Torpor.

In this regard, Bio Toxin is twice as strong as Narcotics, applying 80 Torpor to a single creature. As a result, the effect lasts longer and makes the taming way easier.

Does Bio Toxin Decrease Taming Effectiveness?

Bio Toxin is by far the most potent taming resource in Ark: Survival Ascended, only increasing the effectiveness of the taming. If you need to choose between Bio Toxin or Narcotics, then Bio Toxin is much stronger, as it lasts longer, which gives you more time to tame any given dino.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Bio Toxin in ARK: Survival Ascended. Stay tuned for more ASA tips and tricks articles, such as the best locations to farm oil and how to switch to first-person view.

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