Armored Core 6: How to Get More Parts

Getting more parts in Armored Core 6 is easy. It's earning the right to get them that's hard.

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Without a healthy selection of Parts in Armored Core 6, you can’t make a wide variety of builds, and you need a wide variety of builds to take the game’s many challenges. And thankfully, getting more parts is pretty simple. In theory, anyway. Some sources are essentially free, requiring just a few easy combat trials to earn. Others cost money; others are locked behind more…obscure requirements. We’ll cover the three main ways you can get more parts in Armor Core 6 in this guide.

How to Get More AC Parts in Armored Core 6

The main way to get more AC parts in Armored Core 6 is simple in principle and can be incredibly difficult in practice. All you need to do to access most new parts is progress the story campaign. Trouble is, progressing the story campaign requires you to beat some of gaming’s newest and hardest bosses, like the BALTEUS and Juggernaut fights.

Once you progress far enough, you’ll get a message when you come out of your mission that says, “New parts are now available for purchase.” All you need to do then is pony up the credits to buy the part, and you’re golden. If you’re short on money, we have a guide on the best early missions to get money.

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There are two other ways to get parts in Armored Core 6:

  • Finding Chests In-Mission
  • Completing Training Mode missions
  • Collecting Battlelogs

Scattered throughout specific missions are hidden (or not-so-hidden) loot chests that, when opened, provide a unique AC part. Some of these parts are good, some are interesting, and some are downright unfair (to PvE, at least).

Training Mode teaches you some of the basics of the game, whether that’s some simple advice on AC building or a few of the various mechanics you’ll need to learn. Completing specific missions awards a part or two, as does completing the entire Training regimen.

Lastly, there are the Battlelogs. You can only earn these collectibles by defeating a specific, usually hidden, enemy. After you collect a particular number of Logs (that increases the most you collect), you’ll be awarded a new part. I recommend not trying to find Battlelogs during your first playthrough of any mission, as you can always replay them later with better gear you unlocked down the line.

Note that AC parts you earn through Training and Battlelog go directly to your inventory. There’s no need to buy them, but neither can you sell them. They have no place in the Parts Shop, and while they probably do have a monetary value because you earned them through gameplay rather than by purchasing them, there’s no reason for them to be sellable. The same is true for some of your starting gear, but almost every other part in Armored Core 6 can be bought or sold with impunity for an equal value. There is no merchant mark-up or mark-down for buying and selling parts. Everything costs the same going in and out.

That’s about it for how to get parts in Armored Core 6. It’s a straightforward process, if not an easy one. If you’re looking for more help with the game’s reams of difficult content, check out our AC6 guides hub, which will be growing in the coming days.

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