Assassin’s Creed Identity Beginner’s Guide

Want to get started stabbing Templar and running across rooftops in Assassin's Creed: Identity? Check out our quick beginner's guide!

Want to get started stabbing Templar and running across rooftops in Assassin's Creed: Identity? Check out our quick beginner's guide!
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Assassin’s Creed: Identity is finally out for iOS, and it looks pretty darn good for a mobile game. The controls are little wonky, but it’s definitely an ambitious title, and it will more than fill your assassination cravings on the go. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Choose Your Class

Assassin’s Creed: Identity comes with three starter classes and an unlockable fourth class, all of which cover a different set of abilities and play styles from the Assassin’s Creed series as a whole. The Berserker is tougher, does more damage, and is better suited for brawling. The Trickster has all the fun tools to distract people and set up advantageous situations, like tossing coins and setting up traps. The Shadowblade is sneaky and subtle with the tools you need to get in close and stay undetected.

Think about how you like to play Assassin’s Creed in general, and pick the class that best matches your style of play. If you aren’t sure, the Berserker is a safe bet because the extra health makes it less likely that you’re going to get murdered when you inevitably mess up.

Get to Work

AC: Identity doesn’t have the depth of the main series, but there’s still plenty to do. If you want to get the most out of the game, don’t neglect the shorter contract missions or the challenges. Some of these are tricky, but you’ll get a lot more experience, loot, and money if you take the time to do all of the available missions and complete the challenges each time.

So, much like in the main series, take your time, explore thoroughly, and finish all of the objectives. You’ll end up with a much stronger assassin that way.

Bring a Friend

One of AC: Identity’s social features is the ability to hire or borrow assassins from other players to help you out. These offer a one-time active ability and a passive bonus, which can go a long way toward shoring up your own assassin’s weaknesses. Berserkers give bonus health, Tricksters make your enemies more likely to flee, and Shadowblades give you an extra critical chance.

These are powerful allies, and can make a big difference if you’re struggling, so don’t forget to bring them along!

Gear Up

AC: Identity has opted to go for a more RPG route with gear, so if you’re used to the way the main series works, you might miss out. Make sure to frequently check your inventory, equip the best items, and seek out new gear. Your assassin will thank you! And probably die less, which is important.

So get to it, assassin! If you’ve got tips of your own, thoughts, or observations, let us know in the comments, and good hunting!

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