Our work-in-progress list gives you the lowdown on all of Astral Chain's costumes and accessories plus where to find them.

Astral Chain: All Costumes and Accessories

Our work-in-progress list gives you the lowdown on all of Astral Chain's costumes and accessories plus where to find them.
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Astral Chain‘s costume options are pretty extensive, but they aren’t limited to hair, eyes, and skin. You can completely overhaul your Neuron officer’s look with new clothing and accessories, too.

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Costumes usually come in sets, like the popular Raven outfit, and you can’t pick and choose which bits you want to wear and which you don’t. Accessories are, well… accessories. They’re things like hats, eyewear, neckties and — for female officers — special tights.

Costumes and accessories can be found through exploration or obtained by completing Orders and Side Cases, Astral Chain‘s sidequests. You can also earn some by ranking up, which you do through completing orders, finishing files quickly, and not performing well in combat.

But it’s a big game, and we haven’t found them all yet. Here’s what we’ve got so far, and we’ll update as we continue scouring the Ark.

Astral Chain Costumes

Raven Armor

You won’t be getting these clothes for a while, because it isn’t available until you complete one of Olive’s special cases in File 12, right near the game’s end. The case in question is R1-B1 ARI.

Lappy Suit

This is one of the more involved costumes, because each piece has a separate requirement for acquiring.

Item Requirement
Lappy Badge File 3: Visit all of Neuron’s facilities with Lappy. If you can’t find some of them, turn your IRIS on; they’re marked with blue squares.
 Lappy Arms File 5: Speak with Marie, then beat Jin in combat.
 Lappy Wisdom File 7: Speak with Lappy when the file starts.
Lappy Legs File 8: Given as a first-time reward for winning the Lappy’s Balloon Bash mini-game.
Lappy Body File 8: Speak with Lappy, agree to take his quiz challenge, and score 40 points or more.
Lappy Head  File 12: Purchase from Brenda in File 12.


After acquiring all the bits and bobs, you’ll need to complete Olive’s case “Deskwork,” also available in File 12.

Drab Civvies

The Drab Civvies costume lets you look like a nondescript civilian NPC. If this sounds like your thing, speak with Hal in File 10 to acquire the costume.

ARI Medical Gear

This is another involved costume quest. You must find all the toilets in the game and give all the different toilet paper types you find to Bel, the toilet faerie in the Neuron toilets. These can be challenging to find, but we’ve got you covered with our toilet locations guide.



Most of your hat-like accessories are awarded as rank-up rewards, with a few exceptions. The other two, the cat ones, are part of the cat rescuing cases.

Item Requirement
Police Cap Rank up
Lappy Cap Rank up
 Marie’s Cap Rank up
Perching Raven Rank up
Cat-eared Headband Complete “Feline Friend” Order in File 12
Lazy Cat Cap Complete “Phenomenal Feline Friend” Order in File 12
Item Requirement
Square Glasses A File 3, Chapter 2: Near where you eavesdrop is a gap with a fire escape on the other side. Chain jump there and to the other platforms that open up; you’ll find a chest with the glasses.
Goggles File 4, Ark Mall: Starting on 4F, go down the stairs, and use the Beast Legion or Chain Jump to leap over gaps. When you reach a metal barrier, throw it open with the Arm Legion, and you’ll find the Goggles in a chest.
 Bandage File 5, Chapter 2: Find the Bandage as a pickup item in the Infirmary.
 Square Glasses B  File 7: Exact location not yet known.
Round Glasses A   File 8: Head to the Rayleigh Plaza Roof helipad. At the far end, go down the stars, use your Legion to Chain Jump over the barrier, and work your way around until you’re under the grates. The glasses are in a chest.
 Round Glasses B File 3 : This one is in the Astral Plane when you’re pursuing Jena, in the section with the rapidly moving blocks before the end; you can see it as you descend the stairs to this area. Work your way up the blocks to the left, and follow the path around. Chain jump across the gap to a narrow strip of ground, where you’ll find a chest with Material Code and some weak enemies. As you turn around to go back, look down and left, and you’ll see two platforms. The lower one is where the Glasses are.
 Sunglasses File 8: These are received when you finish the “Billy’s Past” Case.
Clear Goggles   File 10, Chapter 2: These are in a chest in the exterior portion of the sewers, which you’ll be accessing anyway if you do the “The Hideout” hidden quest.
Clear Sunglasses File 12: Complete the “Chimeradicator Lv. 3” Order, speak to Marie in the Command Room.
Mouth Accessories
Item Requirement
Gas Mask  File 5, Chapter 4: An NPC gives you this.
Civilian Mask   File 7, Chapter 3: Located in a chest on the Astral Plane, part of “Astral Investigation” hidden Case before you fight the Homunculus.
Ear Accessories

Updates coming.

Face Accessories — Regular Masks
Item Requirement
Hermit  Mask   File 4, Chapter 2: Buy it off an NPC
 Vender-0 Mask File 4, Chapter 2: Buy it off an NPC
 Cardboard Box File 6: You’ll find this as you work on the Tracking Douglas case. Travel through the Upper Camp Level, through the warehouse where you shoot a cord to drop the ramp, use the Arm Legion to open a stuck metal door, then clear out the Aberrations. As you continue on, you’ll notice a side corridor with Red Matter; follow the corridor to its end, and you’ll find the Cardboard Box in a chest.
Police Helmet  File 7. Go through Grand Avenue and through the parking garage you first explored in File 1. When the path branches right to a closed metal door, use the Arm Legion to throw it open. Fight the Minotaur mini-boss, then head into the underground again to find two chests. One of them has the Police Helmet.
Face Accessories — Holomasks
Item Requirement
 Skull Holomask File 3, Chapter 2: Buy it off a Hermit NPC (located behind a holographic wall) for 88,000.
Hermit Holomask   File 3, Chapter 2: Buy it off a Hermit NPC (located behind a holographic wall) for 88,000.
 Cat Holomask File 7: In the Pipeline Access area, head up the first flight of stairs like you’re going to the objective marker. Veer right towards what looks like a dead end, and you’ll see a blue pickup item down below on another pipe. Chain Jump down to the pipe, and pick it up.
Item Requirement
Armor   File 3, Chapter 3: In the area where you manipulate the blocks from the Astral Plane, lower the blocks first. Stand on them, then raise them back up. To your left is a pathway with stairs. Climb the stairs to reach an open area where you’ll fight a challenging boss. After you win, you’ll find a chest containing the Armor piece.

That’s it for this Astral Chain clothing and accessories guide, but check back for updates and more guides soon! For now, get your costumes on.

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