Astral Chain Guide: All Toilet Locations

Wondering where the toilets in Astral Chain are? This toilet locations guide has you covered.

One of Astral Chain's more unique features involves the various toilets scattered around the Ark. Each location is just waiting to be found, used, and cleaned up for the next desperate passerby.

These are more than just a quirky oddity, though. Finding the toilet in each case file counts towards your overall grade, so it's necessary if you want a perfect grade in each file.

You can also exchange the manifold versions of toilet paper you find for Material Code by offering it to Bel, the happy toilet faerie who lives in a Neuron toilet stall. Material Code is used to upgrade your weapon and Legion, so going out of your way to find the Ark's toilets is definitely worth the trouble.

It's also the only way to get the ARI Medical Outfit costume.

How to Find Each Toilet in Astral Chain

Neuron Toilet

This one can be accessed at any time in the game. The official Neuron restroom is on the same floor as the command room. Enter the toilet area, and confirm that you wish to use the toilet. After that, you'll receive some toilet paper. Head to the closed stall and press "A" again to speak with Bel for the first time and hand over your TP.

File 1 Toilet

Yes, the tutorial file has a toilet, and it's easy to miss in the hubbub of the opening chaos. It's next to the truck in the area where you rescue the injured person; check outside the barrier.

File 2 Toilet

This one is in the underground garage area of the second file after you complete your preliminary investigation and discover the big handprint. Turn right when the path branches, squeeze under the door, and use the portable toilet you find there.

File 3 Toilet

The toilet in File 3 is also found after the investigation segment. As you're tracking the chimera, you'll come across an alley with a big green garbage truck. To the left is another door you can crouch to walk under, and the toilet is on the other side. It's directly opposite the doorway leading to the Redshift victims.

File 4 Toilet

The mall hosts File 4's toilet. When you're chasing chimeras in the mall, head to the second floor. There's a hallway with goop and tentacles all along it, and the toilet is past the tentacles, down a shorter hallway to the right.

File 5 Toilet

This toilet is found during the Uproar segment of File 5, and you can search for it after you've rescued some civilians. Journey to the second floor, go to the back on the right side, and you'll find your toilet.

File 6 Toilet

This one is a bit different, because it's technically a toilet overlook, not the actual toilet. You'll be searching for Hermits as part of this file's mission, and that search takes you through the ducts.

After the portion where you use the Beast Legion dig through a section, enter the vents again, turn right, and hit the grate in front of you to knock it down. You'll find the Hermit Pamphlet, which counts as finding the toilet because its on a vent overlooking a Hermit on the actual toilet.

File 7 Toilet

The journey for File 7's toilet takes you to the map area's upper-left portion. Where you can see the Homunculus on the side of the building you're at, turn left, and you'll find a ladder. Use the Arrow Legion to drop the ladder, climb it, and you'll find the toilet.

File 8 Toilet

When you're on the Rayleigh Plaza Roof, you'll come to a section where you cross over a bridge. There is a gap you can jump across using the Chain Jump maneuver to your left, then another platform to Chain Jump to. From there, drag the floating platform closer using the Astral Chain, and Chain Jump to it as well. The toilet will be to your left.

File 9 Toilet

In the Harmony Square area is the Harmony Medical Center. Go down the road that runs alongside the medical center, pass through the construction area, and you'll find the toilet waiting for you.

File 10 Toilet

This one is in the middle of the Ark Sewer Management's southern area. There's a large drain here, and the toilet is at the end of it.

File 11 Toilet

File 11's toilet is in the ARI Redshift Lab. Turn left after the main entrance, and go down a flight of stairs. You'll come across the toilet as you continue on.

File 12 Toilet

I've seen some people say this is where they interacted with the toilet in Neuron, but as mentioned, you can do this at any point when you're at Neuron HQ.


That's it for our Astral Chain toilet guide, but be on the lookout for more Astral Chain guides, as well as our official review of the game. 


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Published Sep. 10th 2019

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