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Atlas Fallen: How to Survive the Watcher’s Fury

When the Watcher has its eye on you in Atlas Fallen, follow these tips to survive.

Atlas Fallen is a desolate world, barren under the harsh rule of the Sun God Thelos. To maintain control, he uses his Watcher to, well, watch all those that may disobey him. If provoked, his wrath manifests as a crimson punishment that can easily lead to game over. Here’s how to survive the Watcher’s Fury in Atlas Fallen.

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How to Survive the Watcher’s Fury in Atlas Fallen

Watcher’s Fury Quest Details

The first time you’re able to chat with the Traveling Vendor in Castrum 7, he’ll ask you about the Watcher. No one has survived the eye of the Watcher, so he’s curious about what happens and if there’s any good loot left behind. After a short conversation, he’ll task you with surviving the Watcher’s Fury.

How to Draw the Watcher’s Fury

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The Traveling Vendor points you in the direction of the desert, where its sight is unobstructed. While the quest will show you areas where the Watcher is most active, you can find it in any large swathes of desert, especially near a Watchtower. Take care not to take out the Watchtower Guardian, as that disables the Watchtower, which hones the Watcher’s sight in the area. You’ll have a tough time drawing its eye without its magnifying glass.

You’ll know that you’ve gained its ire when the environment turns red, and Wraiths start attacking you. You can choose to run away until it no longer sees you, or you can fight.

How to Beat the Wraiths During Watcher’s Fury

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To finish the Watcher’s Fury quest, you’ll need to battle all the wraiths that are called. There are minor wraiths that accompany five rounds of larger wraiths like Divers, Tailwhippers, and Shellbreakers.

You must beat all five combat rounds to clear the zone. This can be extremely difficult, especially if there are Menders, who can heal, attached to any of the larger wraiths. Many enemies will be able to use Momentum Reducing abilities, especially later in the game.

Watcher’s Fury Rewards

Once all the wraiths are taken care of, you’ll have an alert stating that Watcher’s Fury was cleared. The first time you do, you’ll get an achievement or trophy, A Taste of Wrath.

Defeating the wraiths gives normal materials for upgrades, but it also gives you loot that only drops from clearing Watcher’s Fury zones or bringing down Watchtowers. You can also obtain corrupted Essence Stones, typically dropped by elite wraiths or Watchtower guardians. This makes it a great way to farm Essence Dust and loot.

After you pick up all the loot, you can find the Traveling Vendor at any location and tell him about your success. In return, he gives you Essence Dust and Formula 5 Essence Stone Formulas. It includes the plans to fuse:

  • Idol’s Frenzy (Silver): When using your Idol, significantly increase your damage for 6 seconds.
  • Idol’s Restoration (Bronze): Increase the restoration rate of your Idol.

That’s how to survive the Watcher’s Fury in Atlas Fallen. For more guides on the game, check out our tips and tricks hub.

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