Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora — 15 Best Skills to Unlock

These are the very best skills to focus on in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Avatar Frontiers Ikran flying through the sky.
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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has a unique skill tree to unlock, with five types of skills to discover. The abilities let you decide exactly what kind of N’avi you want to be, but there are some standouts from the group. Find out the best skills in Avatar: Frontiers here.

Which Skills are the Best in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora?

I’ve spent a lot of time in Frontiers of Pandora, and so I know exactly what abilities are worthwhile for the long run. While you can choose your focus to fit your playstyle, it’s good to know the best of the bunch. Every skill I’ve selected here will benefit your overall experience of the game and make situations a lot more feasible.

There are five skill trees in the game: Survivor, Warrior, Hunter, Maker, and Rider. Below, you’ll find the best skills for each tree and why, including the buffs each confers.

Essential Survivor Tree Skills

  • Vitality 1-3: Vitality increases your base health, which is always welcome. You can earn 180 bonus health by unlocking all three Vitality skills. You’ll have to unlock Elemental Resistance along the way, which gives you a 30% boost to resistance against fire, poison, and electricity. 
  • Larger Healing Pouch 1: In times of panic, your healing pouch is essential. Adding an additional pouch slot is the best way to ensure you make your way out of tough situations. 
  • Vigor 1-2: Much like the aforementioned Vitality buff, Vigor will increase your base stamina. I’m always exhausting my stamina, so the more, the merrier. Each tier increases your stamina by 50%.

Essential Warrior Tree Skills

  • Extra Ammo 1-2: Extra Ammo is a bit self-explanatory. The ability increases the amount of arrows, spears, and firearm rounds you can carry. Each tier doubles your ammo total. The less time you have to worry about crafting during combat, the better.
  • Tactical Awareness: Tactical Awareness can help you make use of the Inspect ability you’ll undoubtedly use when seizing RDA bases. The ability will grant a 15% damage bonus to tagged enemies.
  • Well Prepared: Well Prepared is a must-have. The ability unlocks your fourth weapon slot, so you’ll want to get it as soon as possible. 

Essential Hunter Tree Skills

  • Light Footed Hunter 1-2: Light Footed Hunter makes silent stealth possible. Tier 1 grants the ability to move silently when crouching, and tier 2 grants the ability to move silently when moving or running.
  • Eye for Quality: Crafting is an essential part of the game, and you’ll want the best quality ingredients to keep your gear up to snuff. Eye for Quality shows a stronger highlight on mature and veteran enemies, so you know where to get the good stuff.
  • Expert Hunter: Expert Hunter will grant a 25% damage bonus to weak spots when hunting unaware wildlife, giving you a head start on the hunt.
Image of Avatar Frontiers Skill tree with vitality 3 highlighted.
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Essential Maker Tree Skills

  • Sturdy Arrows: If you feel like you’re always having to craft new arrows, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Sturdy Arrows grants the ability to retrieve arrows after firing them.
  • Scavenging Expert: Spare Parts are an essential ingredient for crafting tools and trading. Scavenging Expert grants you the ability to find spare parts when looting AMPs, giving you another reason to take them out.
  • Connoisseur 1-3: Connoisseur skills increase the buffs from each cooked food. Tier 1 increases the duration of buffs by 25%, Tier 2 increases the combat buff effects of cooked foods, and Tier 3 increases the duration of food buffs by 25%. All in all, worth your while.

Essential Rider Tree Skills

  • Aerial fishing 1-3: You don’t really want to waste your resources on feeding your Ikran. Aerial Fishing will grant your Ikran the ability to catch fish when flying over deep waters, replenishing her energy automatically. Each tier will increase the energy bonus.
  • Flying Takedown: Aerial Assaults are fun, and Flying Takedown makes it even more fun. This ability grants your Ikran an attack that targets staggered enemies.
  • Experienced Flier: As you attack RDA balloons, you’ll want to utilize the dodge roll time and time again. Experienced Flier will halve the cost of your Ikran’s barrel roll and flight boost, letting you fly freely.

Early on I focused heavily on my Survivor and Maker skill tree to get those must-haves like Vitality, Vigor, and Sturdy Arrows. However, the sooner you can get Light Footed Hunter, the easier time you’ll have completed all RDA quests. Well Prepared is a must-have, too, but you won’t need it until mid-game when you receive more weapon choices.

That’s it for the best skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Hopefully, these help you on your journey and make the best warrior you can be!

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