Are you looking for inspiration for baby's first photo? Here's some wonderful nerdy-gamer ideas to make those first photos a moment to remember.

Awesome nerdy baby photo ideas; this is parenting done right!

Are you looking for inspiration for baby's first photo? Here's some wonderful nerdy-gamer ideas to make those first photos a moment to remember.

For any new parent, one of the most exciting times is having baby's first photos taken. Instead of walking into a Sears or JC Penny for the standard photo session, some parents are opting for something truly unique.

Newborn photographers can now incorporate practically any type of fandom a parent may adore to make their little one's photo truly stand out. I have gathered some of the cutest photographs out there, along with links to the photographers, to get your creative juices flowing for your baby's next photo.

Here you see an adorable "Spider-man" just hanging out on "the side of a building" for a quick photo opportunity for his fans. Spider-man really cares.

Also, if you're a parent or are shopping for parents and babies, don't forget to check out our gift guide for nerdy parents and their future-nerd babies.

Photo credit: JME Portraits | Newborns

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This tiny "Mario" clearly needed a break from rescuing Princesses through his journey on the Nintendo NES. Perhaps "Bowser" should be in time-out.

Photo Credit: J. Ann Photography

I don't know about you but this is the absolute cutest "Spock" I have ever seen in my life! I wonder what he's thinking about. Most likely that Captain Kirk should be more logical.

Photo credit: Dimples & Curls Photography

"Wonder Woman" is a Princess on every level. Why wouldn't she be napping amongst the clouds in her invisible jet?

Photo credit: A Piece of Lisa Photography

There is nothing more iconic than "Darth Vader" announcing:

".... I am your father."

This is a perfect photo idea for the Star Wars dad.

Photo credit: Unknown

"Batman" is known for many things with his ultra-cool vehicles. However, snoozing behind the wheel is something we can all be jealous of. I bet the Bat-mobile drove straight to the Bat Cave with no problems too.

Photo credit: Kimberly G. Photography

"Yoda," the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, is wise to know that he needs his 40 winks after training at the academy.

Photo credit: Images by Echo Photography

Have you ever seen "Raphael" look more adorable? His emotions must have worn him out for this photo perhaps.

Photo credit: JME Portraits | Newborns

"Princess Leia" is certainly all smiles amongst her Star Wars clan. How does she keep her hair so perfect while lying down? Curious fans need to know!

Photo credit: A.Bilger Photography | Newborns

This future "Jedi" has had a long day of training. That's probably why he's so sleepy!

Photo credit: JME Portraits | Newborns

This "Raphael" had a long day chasing the Foot Elite and passed out eating his favorite meal--pizza.

Photo credit: A Piece of Lisa Photography

"The Flash" is known to be lightening fast, so this photographer had to be even faster to catch him snoozing.

Photo credit: JME Portraits | Newborns

"Bilbo Baggins" has been writing about his journey ever since he met Thorin Oakenshield and discovered the One Ring. Every writer needs a break now and then, I'm sure Tolkien took breaks.

Photo credit: Katrina Elena Photography

This is one talented Knight to be riding the noble steed while snoozing along. Either tired from battle or reserving energy for one, what do you think?

Photo credit: A Piece of Lisa Photography

My heart melts looking at this tiny "Alice" dreaming of Wonderland while holding onto the Cheshire cat. I wish I thought of this when my daughter was born.

Photo credit: JME Portraits | Newborns

"Ewoks" are just so cuddly especially when partnered up with a baby Chewbacca. I want to hug them and squeeze them.

Photo credit: JME Portraits | Newborns

"Batman" and "Wonder Woman" both napping at the Justice League Headquarters is simply precious. I just hope Superman doesn't get jealous.

Photo credit: Kellie Carter Photography

This is certainly a photo any gamer can appreciate. Noob says it all here and this smiling little one is certainly proud of the title.

Photo credit: Kimberly G. Photography

This tiny "Jedi" certainly has a long way to go before he or she is big enough to use that awesome light-saber.

Photo credit: Unknown

How could we not include a tribute to Frozen? This is certainly one of the most creative photos I've seen. "Olaf" is so adorable and what's better? He won't melt in the sun.

Photo credit: JME Portraits | Newborns

"Harry Potter" has never looked so cute representing House Gryffindor. Perhaps Ron or Hermoine should wake him so he doesn't sleep too long in that suitcase. The train ride from London must have been a long one.

Photo credit: Amy Cook Photography

This little one is being raised amongst the great Time Lords of Doctor Who. Nothing says nerdy quite like a Tardis, a Cyber-man, and a Dalek.

Photo credit: J. Lobbins Photography

I hope you have enjoyed these wonderful photo ideas, I certainly have. Makes me want another baby just to take photos of or use my photography skills to concentrate on newborns. Lord knows I have quite the collection of gamer and nerd-geek memorabilia to assemble a set.

Keep in mind when it comes to Newborn Photography, since it's a specialized field, check if the photographer you choose is a International Association of Newborn Photographer. This will help protect you and your bundle of joy.

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