The freezing when moving issue may occur when players join games mid-match. Here are some possible fixes for the bug in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Freezing When Moving Fix

The freezing when moving issue may occur when players join games mid-match. Here are some possible fixes for the bug in Back 4 Blood.
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The Back 4 Blood launch has not gone off without a hitch, and freezing when moving is just one of many bugs players have reported while in multiplayer. And if you’re here, you want to know how to fix the problem.

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Players have found themselves unable to invite friends or communicate through in-game voice chat, but perhaps most annoyingly, this bug keeps players from moving when loading into a game. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the freezing when moving issue.

Considering this is a common issue people are facing, it’s likely that this will be addressed in a coming patch that will sort it out entirely. In the meantime, here are three different methods you can try to brute-force the game into cooperating.

Freezing When Moving: How to Get Unstuck

The most common fix is also the most simple. Exit the match and rejoin. This has been the most consistent method of getting Back 4 Blood to work; it appears that the freezing issue is caused by players taking over a bot during an active match. Sometimes, the transfer of control will fail and a simple mulligan will sort it out.

If you’re playing on Xbox or PlayStation, then that’s really your only option right now for fixing this freezing when moving problem. Simply keep rejoining or rebooting until you have control of your player, or try to join a different match.

PC players have a few additional methods they can try if this fix isn’t working.

For PC players, the next thing you should try doing is adjusting your in-game graphics settings. There’s a possibility that the game has poor compatibility with your graphics card on its default settings, so try making small changes to reduce the graphics settings, attempting to rejoin in between each change you make. 

The final fix for PC players experiencing freezing when moving to try is a driver update. This is a common fix for issues like this one in all games, and it may fix your problems here. It’s just best to save this freezing fix for last since it’s the most involved.

If your drivers aren’t all the way up to date, then there’s a good chance of encountering compatibility issues, thus causing the freezing when moving glitch. So force updates for your graphics and audio drivers, and relaunch the title.

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With the myriad of issues plaguing Back 4 Blood right now, it’s highly likely that we’ll see some sort of patch rolled out in the near future that addresses all of these problems. Until then, hopefully, one of these temporary fixes has solved your freezing when moving issues. For more, check out the links above or head here for more fixes and tips.

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