Backpack Battles: The Best Combinations Listed

There's a combination for every playstyle in Backpack Battles.

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There’s more than meets the eye in this strategy auto-battler. Besides guile, you’ll need combinations to rank up and be victorious. However, finding which ones are top-tier isn’t always easy. These are the best combinations in Backpack Battles.

Best Combinations in Backpack Battles

Combinations are essential to survival in Backpack Battles. You can combine items with recipes in the game, and knowing which ones stand out will help secure your way to victory. While combos can be subjective, there are must-haves for each playstyle.

I find myself gravitating towards the food-based build because it’s approachable regardless of the luck I have in my shop. Here are the Backpack Battles combinations to focus on.

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  • Eggscalibur
    • x1 Pan, x1 Heroic Potion.
    • Build: Food.
    • Ability: Eggscalibur deals +1 damage for each starred food item, and green foods will trigger 100% faster.
  • Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Primeslime
    • x1 Goobert, x1 Light Goobert, x1 Blood Goobert, x1 Steel Goobert, x1 Poison Goobert.
    • Build: Gooberts. The RGOP is a late-game item that’ll be challenging to acquire. However, if your shop RNG favors Gooberts, it’s worth the effort.
    • Ability: Once starred items activate x6 times, heal +20, +20 shield, +2 vampirism, +4 blind, +4 poison, and give starred weapons +4 damage.
  • Darksaber
    • x1 Demonic Flask, x1 Lightsaber. 
    • Build: Debuffs.
    • Ability: On attack, use x1 mana to inflict x1 blind. Deals +0.5 damage for each debuff stack on your opponent. 
  • Manathirst
    • x1 Mana Orb, x1 Hungry Blade.
    • Build: Lifesteal.
    • Ability: At the Start of a battle, gain x1 Mana. If you have x10 mana, steal +2 life. Once x20 mana used, steal +12 life.
  • Lucky Piggy
    • x1 Piggybank, x2 Lucky Clover.
    • Build: Any.
    • Ability: +1 Gold upon entering the shop. At the start of a battle gain, +2 luck, and all chance-based effects of starred items are 20% more likely to trigger.
  • Critwood Staff
    • x1 Magic Staff, x1 Acorn Collar.
    • Build: Ranger class only.
    • Ability: Use x4 mana to deal x7 additional damage for the next second, and all attacks are critical. 
  • Crossblades
    • x1 Hero Sword, x2 Gloves of Haste.
    • Build: Critical damage.
    • Ability: Starred weapons deal +10 damage. Green items trigger 60% faster. On attack gain +1 damage and trigger 3% faster.
  • Staff of Unhealing
    • x1 Magic Staff, x1 Demonic Flask.
    • Build: Reaper class only.
    • Ability: Every 1.8 seconds, heal for +10. Use x5 mana to gain +4 heal for 2 seconds. Healing will cause damage to your opponent.

Those are the best combinations in Backpack Battles. We’ll keep this list updated as the game develops. For now, may the odds be in your favor! We’ve got more guides here.

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