Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Solo Builds for an OP Lone Wolf

Want to play without party members? Here are my best solo builds for an OP lone wolf in Baldur's Gate 3.
lae'zel preparing herself for a battle in baldurs gate 3
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Once you’ve completed the game once or twice, the idea of solo-play without companions may start sounding like a fun challenge. It’s all about pushing your build to the limit and creating a character that’s great at almost everything. Here are my best solo builds in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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What are the Best OP Solo Builds in BG3?

On paper, BG3 solo builds focusing on a single class can work since a full Wizard build, for example, can summon hordes of Elementals or Undead with the Necromancy subclass. Paladins also sport high AC and Saving Throw defenses while providing damage and healing.

That said, on higher difficulties, I recommend an OP solo build all about exploiting class combinations and fully utilizing scrolls, potions, and magic items. I have three builds in mind, both with core decisions, I’ll recommend alongside optional choices based on your preference.

  • The Ranged Rogue/Ranger multiclass with an optional Fighter or Paladin dip.
  • The Melee Barbarian/Druid multiclass with an optional Fighter dip.
  • The debuff tank Cleric single-class caster build.

The first focuses on kiting enemies and killing bosses quickly with high burst damage and guaranteed critical hits. The second is one of the tankiest builds in the BG3, preferring to face enemies head-on. Last but not least, the third one will debuff your enemies into oblivion making almost every attack miss.

Best Solo Ranged Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

gloom stalker ranger in baldurs gate 3
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This OP solo build is all about burst damage in the first few rounds. Let’s look at things like Origin, Subclass, Feats, and armor before diving into specifics and tips.

  • Origin: Custom.
  • Race: Wood Elf or Half-Elf (Wood) for the extra movement speed.
  • Background: Any that provides Stealth or Slight of Hand and then take the other through your class.
  • Stats: Dex 17 and Con 16. Head down to the South part of the Act 1 map for Auntie Ethel and her Scalp as soon as you can; it increases Dexterity to 18.
  • Class: Go Ranger 5 first, then Rogue 3, then Paladin 2 for Smites; or Fighter 2 for Action Surge.
  • Subclass: Gloom Stalker for Ranger and Assassin or Thief for Rogue.
  • Fighting Style: Archery.
  • Favored Enemy: Bounty Hunter for enemy Disadvantage on Ensnaring Strike.
  • Spells: Ensnaring Strike, Hunter’s Mark, Longstrider, Pass Without Trace.
  • Weapons: Dual Wield Hand Crossbows (We’ll eventually want the Hellfire one on Yurgir from the Gauntlet of Shar but stick with +1s from Dammon, Roah, or Derryth).
  • Feats: Sharpshooter then Dexterity +2.
  • Armor: Yuan-Ti Scale Mail from the Last Light Inn works wonders for us.

With this build, I highly recommend hiding at the start of encounters, sneaking to a high vantage point, and using turn-based mode to initiate by firing off a Sharpshooter volley. With Gloom Stalker Ranger 5, we’ll have three attacks plus a Bonus Action attack from dual wielding on Round 1. With Rogue levels, opt for Assassin to get guaranteed critical hits and an extra action during Surprise.

At Level 8, we’re almost one-shotting bosses with Sharpshooter active. Hunter’s Mark works wonders to pump out round-by-round damage. Divine Smites are guaranteed to crit in the late game. Don’t be afraid to save scum in key fights if you miss all your attacks. Additionally, keep moving away from enemies from your vantage point so that they’ll waste actions by Dashing.

BG3 Lone Wolf Ranged Build Tips

Here are some key tips for this Baldur’s Gate 3 solo build to customize it to your liking:

  • Subclass: If you don’t like the all-in Round 1 burst nature of the build, take the Thief subclass for an extra Bonus Action attack from Fast Hands per round.
  • Multiclassing: In the late game, I recommend taking Paladin 2 for Divine Smites during your Assassin guaranteed critical hit round. Alternatively, the Fighter’s Action Surge also works wonders for burst damage. It resets on Short Rests, whereas spell slots reset on Long Rest.
  • Items: Useful magic items include Risky Ring for Advantage on attacks, Haste Potions, the Periapt of Wound Closure, After Death Do Us Part, Amulet of the Harpers, and Helldusk Boots.
  • Powers: Useful Illithid Powers include Luck of the Far Realms and Fly.
  • Melee Option: This ranged solo build can also work in melee with slight adjustments. Go Gloom Stalker Ranger 5, Paladin 2, and Thief Rogue 5. Aim for Bhaalist Armor to give nearby enemies Vulnerability to Piercing damage and dual-wield Shortswords like Crimson Mischief and Bloodthirst. I like going Githyanki or Half-Orc on this variation with a Dex increase feat, then Dual Wielder for better damage weapons. Auntie Ethel’s Scalp remains our early-game priority.

In both the Dual Wield Hand Crossbow or Shortsword setups, set Sneak Attack and Divine Smites to automatic in the Reaction’s menu.

Best Lone Wolf Melee Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

barbarian in baldurs gate 3
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This solo BG3 build is all about high sustainable melee damage and being almost unkillable. Let’s outline our character building and then discuss strategies as before:

  • Origin: Dark Urge.
  • Race: Githyanki for Mobility and special weapons.
  • Background: Any that provides Athletics for Shoving.
  • Stats: Str 17, then pump Con and Dex. As before, we’ll want Auntie Ethel and her Scalp, which increases Strength to 18.
  • Class: Barbarian 8 and Druid 4 or Barbarian 5 and Druid 7 if you want non-concentration Summoning Spells like Conjure Woodland Being.
  • Subclass: Berserker for Barbarian and Circle of the Moon for Druid.
  • Spells: Non-concentration spells you can cast before Raging, like Jump, Mirror Image, Plant Growth, and Conjure Woodland Beings. Cure Wounds and Pass Without Trace work well out of combat.
  • Weapons: Go to the mountain pass in Act I to find Kith-Rak Voss. Respec into a Battle Master Fighter for this fight, pop an Invisibility Potion or Scroll, save your game, and rush to him to use Disarming Attack and pick up his weapon. He has a chance to drop the incredible Silver Sword of the Astral Plane, which we want for the rest of our run. If he doesn’t drop it, reload your save and keep trying to steal it with Invisibility.
  • Feats: Great Weapon Master then Strength +2.
  • Armor: Bonespike Garb for late and Adamantine Scale Mail early with Bloodguzzler Garb from the Bulette being our super early option.

This is a standard Barbarian build that pops Reckless Attack. It goes in with a Frenzy Bonus Action attack, doing three attacks per round with Great Weapon Master. You’ll be extremely hard to kill early, and your damage will be incredible.

Later on with Moon Druid levels, we’ll have two charges of extra HP through Bear forms. Furthermore, we have an additional HP pool with the Dark Urge Slayer Form, which you get by killing Isobel in the Last Night Inn.

wolf wild shape in baldurs gate 3
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Baldur’s Gate 3 Solo Melee Build Tips

Here are some tips for my BG3 solo melee build:

  • Rage, Spells, and Wild Shape: If you Rage before Wild Shaping and cast non-concentration spells, you keep the resistance to physical damage and the spell effect during Rage.
  • Useful Items: Elixir of Vigilance, Elixir of Bloodlust, Cloak of Invisibility, Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength, Helldusk Boots, Periapt of Wound Closure, After Death Do Us Part.
  • Useful Illithid Powers: Luck of the Far Realms, Fly, and Freecast.
  • Stock Up: You’ll need plenty of potions, coatings, elixirs, and spell scrolls to make solo play work, so I recommend looting every possible chest and bookcase.
  • Fighter Switch: Feel free to respec into Battle Master Fighter for some tougher fights where killing enemies isn’t the main goal, like protecting Halsin in Act 2. The Disarming Attack and Menacing Attack work wonders here.
  • NPCs: I suggest meeting with Araj Oblodra in Moonrise Tower and forcing Astration to drink his blood for the Potion of Everlasting Vigor, which will get you +2 Strength permanently. Furthermore, Rescuing Aylin will make the fight against Ketheric Thorm drastically easier. Lastly, I like to use the Mirror of Loss in Act III for another Strength boost to 24.

Best Solo Caster Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

light cleric in luminous armor in baldurs gate 3
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The Solo Caster build is the simplest of the three and doesn’t require complex multiclassing. Instead, it focuses on Cleric utility, the Spirit Guardians spell, and a set of magic items that inflict Radiant Orb. A creature affected by Radiating Orb has a -1 to Attack Rolls per remaining stack up to 10 stacks.

It also sheds bright light in the area surrounding it. Essentially, a creature with 10 stacks has a -10 to attack rolls, making almost every attack a miss. That said, if an enemy makes an attack, they lose 2 stacks per attack. But that’s fine, as we’ll steadily apply these bad boys each turn. Our build heavily relies on magic items that apply Radiating Orb.

  • Race: Any race works for this BG3 OP build, so pick your favorites. Half-Orcs can survive dying once, Gold Dwarves get extra HP, and Githyanki have Misty Step and Astral Knowledge, which is great for solo runs.
  • Stats: Wis 17 and Con 16, plus Auntie Ethel’s Scalp to make Wis 18.
  • Class: Full Cleric to max out Spirit Guardians damage.
  • Subclass: Light domain for the Light cantrip, a defensive Reaction, and some neat Channel Divinity options and Fireball.
  • Spells: Besides Spirit Guardians, pick up generally useful Cleric spells like Guiding Bolt, Aid, Prayer of Healing, Spiritual Weapon, Death Ward, Freedom of Movement, Lesser and Greater Restoration, Heal, and Planar Ally, which doesn’t require concentration.
  • Weapons: Staff of Spellpower or Markoheshkir.
  • Feats: Warcaster for Concentration Advantage, then Wisdom +2, and Alert for Initiative or Magic Initiate (Wizard) for the Shield spell.
  • Magic Items: Radiant Orb is inflicted by the Luminous Armour in the Selunite Outpost Opulent Chest (Underdark), Luminous Gloves in the Potter’s Chest in the Pottery ambush house on the Ruined Battlefield in the Shadow Cursed lands, and the Coruscation Ring beneath the Last Light Inn in the sewer chest. Ring of Protection and Cloak of Protection are also highly useful with the Shield of Devotion, most of which are purchasable from Talli in the Last Light Inn for high AC.

I recommend routinely casting Light on yourself throughout the day, as the Coruscation Ring’s effect is activated by being illuminated. Furthermore, in combat, cast Spirit Guardians and try to tag as many enemies as possible by letting them approach you or approaching them.

The radiating damage from Spirit Guardians, Sacred Flame, Guiding Bolt, and your Light Domain Channel Divinity stack Radiant Orb incredibly fast thanks to your Luminous items and Ring. Enemies won’t be able to hit you due to your high AC, especially if you picked up the Shield spell through a feat, and low attack rolls from the debuff.

In addition, you’re dealing incredible AoE damage from your Spirit Guardians, Radiant spells, and Fireball. It’s a one-man army caster build that debilitates enemy forces en masse.

How to Play Solo in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you’re wondering how to actually play solo in Baldur’s Gate 3, all you have to do is talk to each of your companions separately and select their specific “Can you stay at camp” options. Then confirm your choice. Now, you can venture out into the world as an OP lone wolf and challenge your skills at survival by yourself.

Tips for Playing Solo in BG3

lae zel in adamantine splint mail armor in baldurs gate 3
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I also suggest checking out my guide on playing BG3 solo with no companions. You can find useful tips there, like:

  • Ambushes: Prioritize the Stealth skill and make good use of positioning with the Turn-based mode to reach high ground before you strike. Enemies should generally chase you to spend their actions Dashing. Stealth can be picked up through the Criminal or Urchin background, as well as the Wood Elf race and the Githyanki, thanks to their Astral Knowledge.
  • Alchemy: Craft tons of consumables like Bloodlust Elixirs, Potions of Speed, Healing Potions, poisons, etc. You can most often use them as a Bonus Action and increase your action economy on turns where you’re not using a Bonus Action from your class.
  • Rest and Save Often: There’s no penalty or limit to how many times you can Long Rest, so make sure to rest often. You can reset your Spell Slots and refresh your HP. Additionally, save before each important decision or enemy Saving Throw so you can reload if things go terribly wrong.
  • Spell Scrolls: In BG3, every class can use spell scrolls, not just the casters like in the TTRPG. This means you should stock up on powerful spell scrolls you find and use them if you run out of resources — or open a fight with a Fireball or Firewall scroll you find.
  • Steer Clear of Ledges: Be aware of your surroundings and stay away from ledges where your enemies can push you off into the abyss or lava since there will be no one to resurrect you.

To me, those are the best OP solo builds in Baldur’s Gate 3. But that’s dependent on my playstyle. While I hope you’ll find some usefulness in them, Larian’s grand CRPG offers so many build options, that there’s one out there just right for you — so experiment! For more BG3 guides, check out my best magic items and best Honour mode and multiclass builds.

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