Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Sorcerer Build Guide

Unleash arcane havoc upon your enemies with our best Sorcerer build guide in Baldur's Gate 3.

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So anyway, you started blasting. Sorcerers are the arcane artillery class in Baldur’s Gate 3, able to rain down damaging spells and crowd control. The best part is you can modify these spells with your Metamagic options. Here’s my best Sorcerer build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Best Sorcerer Build in Baldur’s Gate 3 (Guaranteed)

Our goal today is to make the tankiest Sorcerer in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can still output some great damage. What makes a powerful tanky Sorcerer (one of the very best classes in the game) are your choices in the following elements, which we’ll discuss in detail below:

In terms of Ability Scores, prioritize your Charisma and Constitution. A high Charisma score fuels both the DC of your spells and the damage they do with the subclass option we’ll be going for. Constitution won’t only grant you more HP — it will also help you maintain Concentration on important spells. I recommend dumping Strength and picking Dexterity as your third stat for an extra AC point or two.

Pair Sorcerers up with frontline companions like Lae’Zel and Karlach since they’re great at keeping enemies of your backline which is where you’ll be. Though this build will make you tanky enough to take a hit or two, you still want to avoid that as much as possible.

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Best Sorcerer Subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3

I wanted to base this Sorcerer build around the Storm Sorcery subclass so much, but it’s currently broken and quite awkward. Mainly, the main thematic spell, Call Lightning, doesn’t work with the core features like Tempestuous Magic and Heart of the Storm with subsequent casts.

Furthermore, recasting it makes it count as a cantrip, which messes up your DC. If Larian fixes these bugs, I would be glad to come back and write this guide around Storm Sorcery, as that subclass has tons of potential when it works.

But I digress. The build we’ll be going for today is the good old Draconic Bloodline. As I mentioned, we’re aiming for survivability without sacrificing damage. While Wild Magic offers plenty of chaotic fun, the most stable and mechanically optimal subclass is the Draconic Sorcerer.

I recommend picking Fire through the Red, Gold, or Brass bloodline since it’s the most common type of damage for spells. From this selection, you’re getting the following:

  • High Defense: The majority of the features in the Draconic Bloodline offer defensive boosts, such as increased Hit Points, AC, and Resistance to chosen elemental damage. Since Sorcerers are the squishiest class alongside Wizards, you’ll appreciate these bonuses greatly. Furthermore, that Draconic Resilience gives us a permanent Mage Armor effect that is always active.
  • Damage Bonuses: All your spells with the chosen element will benefit from increased damage thanks to Elemental Affinity. If you’re worried about enemy Resistance, then the Elemental Adept feat will solve that for us. More on that later.
  • Flight: At Level 11, you’ll be able to fly, which is an incredible defensive boost as you’ll stay out of melee range of enemies permanently and can defend against ranged attacks with spells like Shield and Mirror Image.

While the Draconic Bloodline isn’t the most exciting subclass since most of its effects are passive, it’s definitely the most mechanically powerful out of those in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best Sorcerer Race in BG3

With unique racial stat scores now removed, each race gives you the most optimal score, in our case Charisma. This frees us up to select races based on their unique racial abilities. I would highly recommend the following races for Sorcerers:

  • Dwarf: Either the Gold Dwarf or the Shield Dwarf are superb for Sorcerers. The added HP from the former and the Medium armor proficiency from the latter aid our tanky build greatly. Just remember that if you pick Shield Dwarf, your Draconic AC of 13 is replaced by the Medium Armor, which will optimally be 15 from the Breastplate with the opportunity for later magic armor enhancements.
  • Half-Orc: Another great defensive race for our tanky Sorcerer. With Half-Orcs you can ignore dropping to zero HP once per long rest and drop to 1 instead.
  • Tiefling: These are an excellent option for sorcerers since they expand your spell list and add to your resistances. Want more damage? Pick a Mephistopheles Tiefling. Want more utility? Pick an Asmodeus one.
  • Dragonborn: Lastly, if you want to double up on some elemental resistances and get a decent damage option you can use when you run out of spell slots, Dragonborn aren’t bad. They’re not the best race on this list, but that Breath Weapon can come in handy if you’re out of resources. Just be careful since it’ll put you in melee range 15 feet away from attackers.

Pick your favorites here, Dwarf and Half-Orc are great defensive options while the Tiefling and Dragonborn are viable offensive ones.

Best Sorcerer Metamagic Options in Baldur’s Gate 3

You’ll get to choose a total of four options from the Metamagic list by Level 10. I would prioritize the following to spend your Sorcery Points on:

  • Twinned Spell: Great with early-game spells like Ice Knife and Chromatic Orb but shines later with Haste, Banishment, Dominate Person, and Disintegrate.
  • Careful Spell: Useful to protect your allies when dropping an AOE like Fireball or Lightning Bolt in a tight group.
  • Quickened Spell: This has excellent damage potential later on when you can more reliably utilize its expensive cost.
  • Heightened Spell: To be used on key spells like Hold Person, Hold Monster, and Banishment to almost guarantee they work.

There are some interesting shenanigans we can do with multiclassing in the Warlock class which we’ll discuss later. Also, remember that you can always convert Sorcery Points into spell slots and vice versa with Font of Magic starting from Level 2.

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Best Sorcerer Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3

Let’s talk about spell selection, as this is the key part of our damage-dealing potential. For Cantrips, all you need for damage is Fire Bolt, which benefits from our Draconic Bloodline Level 6 feature for extra damage. Pick your favorite cantrips for utility.

Furthermore, below you’ll find leveled spells I found work best with this build both for offensive, crowd-control, and utility purposes. Also, there are some key defensive spells to pick up. Other than those, pick whichever spell sounds fun to you. Let’s go level by level:

  • Level 1 Spells: Chromatic Orb (For Twin Spell), Shield, Sleep.
  • Level 2 Spells: Mirror Image, Misty Step, Web, Shatter or Scorching Ray, and Hold Person (For Twin Spell).
  • Level 3 Spells: Fireball, Counterspell, Haste (For Twin Spell), Slow or Hypnotic Pattern.
  • Level 4 Spells: Banishment or Polymorph (For Twin Spell), and Wall of Fire.
  • Level 5 Spells: Dominate Person or Hold Monster (For Twin Spell).
  • Level 6 Spells: Disintegrate (For Twin Spell).

In the early game focus on casting the Fire Chromatic Orb with Twin Spell while dropping the occasional Fireball. Twinning Haste is very powerful for your martial damage dealers. Each fire-based spell will benefit from your Elemental Affinity damage. Furthermore, sometimes damage isn’t the best way, and dropping a Web, Slow, or Hypnotic Pattern is more beneficial to your allies to lock down enemies in one place.

Best Sorcerer Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3

I highly recommend the following feat options for Sorcerers:

  • War Caster: Advantage on Concentration checks is crucial since our damage and crowd-control potential depends on keeping our powerful spells active.
  • Elemental Adept: Since most of our offensive potential is focused on one damage type, the Elemental Adept can help with enemies who have Resistance against that type. Furthermore, it’ll help by allowing us to reroll 1s on those Fire Balls and Walls of Fire.
  • Heavily Armoured: This is an interesting feat to take if you’re a Shield Dwarf as it’ll bump you up to Heavy Armor Proficiency. Nothing scarier than a teleporting fire-blasting Sorcerer in full plate armor.

As always, remember to max out your Charisma with Ability Improvement feats at Level 8 or Level 4 if you’re not that interested in the above feats.

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Best Sorcerer Multiclass in BG3

Sorcerers are quite powerful since they benefit greatly from investing all your levels into them. You’re getting more Sorcery points, allowing you more flexibility and fire power with Twinned and Heightened Spell Metamagics. That said, there’s a fun multiclassing combination that can make grabbing a few levels outside of Sorcerer worth it despite the Sorcery Point loss.

This is the machine gun Sorcerer/Warlock multiclass. Basically, all you need to do is pick up two levels of Warlock. This will give you the Eldritch Blast cantrip which is the best cantrip in the game and the Hex spell, which boosts all attack roll spells like EB. Also, at Level 2, you’ll pick up Eldritch Invocations, for which we’ll take Agonizing Blast, allowing us to add Charisma to our Eldritch Blast.

Once we reach Level 5 with three levels in Sorcerer and two levels in Warlock, our Eldritch Blast fires twice. Now, you can fire off an Eldritch Blast twice and then use the Quicken Spell Metamagic to fire two more times. Each shot is boosted by your Charisma and adding in a Hex spell boosts them by an additional 1d6 each. This increases to three shots, or six, at Level 11. You can try this multiclass combo out and respect with Withers if it doesn’t suit you. The idea is explained in more detail through our Wyll build if you’re interested.

Best Sorcerer Equipment in BG3

Magic Items that boost your spell effectiveness are obviously our go-to choice for Sorcerers. The Markoheshkir staff and the Staff of Spell Power are both excellent options for your late-game build.

For early and mid-game items, the Shifting Corpus Ring, Spellcrux Amulet, Hood of the Weave, Amulet of Greater and Lesser Health, Spellseeking Gloves, and the Cloak of the Weave are all great options. Corellons Grace also provides a nice defensive boost even though it’s a Monk weapon. Furthermore, if you’re going the Shield Dwarf and Heavily Armoured route, magic Medium or Heavy Armors are also an option for you.

We hope this best Sorcerer build guide in Baldur’s Gate 3 has been useful for you. Now you’re ready to unleash arcane havoc through Twin Spells and AoE Damage. For more guides on the game, check out our BG3 guides hub.

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