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Baldur’s Gate 3: Karlach Romance Guide

Get into a burning romance in Baldur's Gate 3 with our favorite Tiefling Barbarian: Karlach!

Karlach is the Tiefling Wyll thought was a devil, but siding with her instead of Anders lets you recruit her to your party. She might have an Infernal Engine for a heart, but that doesn’t mean she won’t love you if you want more than friendship from her. If you’re interested in her burning presence, here’s our Karlach Romance guide for Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to Romance Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3

Karlach is a companion whose story ties with Wyll’s, and you can recruit her by taking up his “Hunt the Devil” personal quest since it leads you straight to Karlach. To note, Karlach approves of the following sorts of actions:

  • Being friendly with Tieflings.
  • Protecting the defenseless.
  • Just generally being a morally just person, even if it takes violence.

Alternatively, she disapproves of the following actions:

  • Being unkind and unjust to Tieflings.
  • Any pro-Goblin or pro-Demon sentiments.
  • Being morally unjust or an outright coward.

Karlach’s Romance in Act 1

If you want to romance Karlach, there are a few choices that you need to make in Act 1. Namely, you have to side with the Tieflings instead of the Goblins. Her approval for you will plummet and she may leave if you side with the Goblins. You’ll also need to speak with Dammon at Emerald Grove soo after meeting her, and collect Infernal Iron for Karlach’s engine while you raise approval with her through acts of heroism and kindness.

You’ll need to find at least one Infernal Iron for Karlach in Act 1. You can grab one from the locked iron gate behind Dror’s throne in the Shattered Sanctum or from the abandoned forge in Whispering Depths without too much trouble.

Once you go to camp after rescuing the Tieflings, you can talk to Karlach and tell her that you’ve worked up the courage to say how much you like her. She’ll ask you to wait up for her after others have gone to bed, triggering the first romance scene. Because of her engine, you’ll agree that you want to be with her, and when she mentions not wanting to burn you.

You have to cool her down by throwing water on her or using a spell like Ray of Frost, then she’ll be willing to try kissing. However, it doesn’t go as planned and you’ll get burned in the process. Karlach will be happy anyway, and you can promise that fixing her engine is your top priority.

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Karlach’s Romance in Act 2

Then, it’s onto Act 2. If you go through the Underdark, you can find another Infernal Iron in Grymforge. Dammon said he’ll see you again in Baldur’s Gate, but you’ll actually find him at Last Light Inn. Give him that Infernal Iron, and he’ll fix Karlach’s engine so that it won’t burn others. Go back to camp, and when you take a Long Rest, talk to her and you’ll get an intimate scene with Karlach.

This completes our Karlach romance guide for Baldur’s Gate 3, but her quest continues through Act 3 if you want to see the fate of this relationship. Dammon tells her that she needs to go to Avernus to fully fix her Infernal Engine, but she’s rather against the thought. While you’re in Baldur’s Gate, use our BG3 guide hub to find Cazador for Astarion’s quest or defeat Viconia for Shadowheart’s quest.

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