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Baldur’s Gate: Where to Find Dammon

Karlach fans need to find Dammon to cool her off, but he's not an easy Tiefling to track down.

You first meet Dammon in Emerald Grove at the start of Baldur’s Gate 3. He’s the only smithy in the area, but he’s traveling with the Tiefling refugees to Baldur’s Gate. You may not think much of him the first time you meet, but you’ll quickly have need of his services once you meet Karlach and take on her companion quest. In this guide we’ll go over where to find Dammon in all three of the game’s acts.

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Where to Find Dammon in Baldur’s Gate 3

Where to Find Dammon in Act 1

Dammon is first found in the Hollow, right there next to Emerald Grove across from Ethel. He’ll be there even after you rescue Halsin, but he’ll be leaving shortly thereafter along with the rest of the Tieflings. Dammon is an infernal mechanic, so he can work on Karlach’s heart if you’re at that portion of her companion quest. You’ll need some Infernal Iron to do it, but chances are you’ve come across some by now.

Dammon will leave the grove along with the rest of the Tieflings, so you’ll have to find him elsewhere later in the game. You’ll want to in order to continue Karlach’s quest. Be careful not to kill the Strange Ox, as Dammon may not spawn later in the campaign if you do.

Where to Find Dammon in Act 2

You’ll be able to meet Dammon again the next time you meet the Tieflings, which isn’t that far into Act 2. Once you reach Last Light Inn during your travels, you’ll be able to speak with him again at the forge at the front. He can work on Karlach’s heart once more if you have the Infernal Iron for him to perform the repairs, this time finally allowing her to touch others.

Where to Find Dammon in Act 3

The third and final time you meet Dammon will be in Baldur’s Gate itself, as the Tieflings and your party alike finally reach their destination. This time around, you’ll find him in the eastern portion of the city at the Forge of Nine. This is the final time you’ll run into him during the campaign. If you didn’t have any Infernal Iron to give him during Act 2, you’ll still be able to in Act 3 to continue Karlach’s quest.

Now you know where to find Dammon to help Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3. We’ve got a ton of BG3 guides, such as how to multiclass and how to rescue Mayrina.

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