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Best Sorlock OP Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

Blast foes away with our best Sorlock build guide in Baldur's Gate 3.

The Sorlock multiclass build is almost like an arcane archer class, where you’re shooting out several Eldritch Blasts per turn. Furthermore, you still have the AoE burst potential from Sorcerer and Warlock spell slots that recover on a short rest. Here’s our best Sorlock build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to Make the Best Sorlock Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

Essentially, the core of this multiclass build is to make the most of Eldritch Blast, which is arguably the best damage-dealing cantrip in the game. We can do this through the Sorcerer’s Metamagic options. The best part is that the cantrip actually scales with our overall character level and not our class. Reaching Level 5 with any multiclass combination will still make it so that it shoots twice. We’ll want to prioritize Charisma with Constitution and Dexterity second.

Here’s our leveling guide along with the important choices we have to make. Then we’ll discuss them in detail.

  • Leveling: There are two options here.
    • The first is to start as a Warlock 2 for some early game power, and then progress as a Sorcerer until Level 12.
    • The second is to start as a Sorcerer to grab Constitution saving throw proficiency, which is quite a valuable feature to have and then take two Warlock levels.
    • I would recommend the second route since concentration is such an important aspect of spellcasters, especially in the late game.
  • Race: I recommend either the Tiefling for extra spells or the Dwarf for Medium Armour (Shield) or extra HP (Gold). Githyanki can also be interesting granting you an extra escape option with a free Misty Step.
  • Warlock Subclass: The Fiend works great here for some sustain through temporary HP and some blasting spell choices we can use through our Sorcerer.
  • Eldritch Invocation: This is the reason we want two levels in Warlock. Pick up Agonizing Blast for that damage boost and Repelling Blast so that we can hurl enemies around the battlefield.
  • Warlock Spells: Pick up Eldritch Blast along with Hex and Armour of Agathys.
  • Sorcerer Subclass: Draconic Bloodline is our best bet here for some great defensive options like permanent mage armor, extra HP, and later on elemental resistances.
  • Metamagic Options: Be sure to take the Quicken Spell for Eldritch Blast and then pick your favorites. I recommend Twin Spell for sure.
  • Feats: Maxing out Charisma is our priority but the Warcaster feat is useful for concentrating on key spells in combat.

Let’s discuss our strategy, spell selection, and gear.

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The Most OP Sorlock Build Detailed

Once we reach Level 5, no matter with which class we started, we should have two levels in Warlock and three in Sorcerer. Until then, we should just be Hexing targets and shooting them with Eldritch Blast with the occasional leveled spell. However, Level 5 is where we can perform our multiclass combo.

The main idea is that you can shoot Eldritch Blast twice now and then use Quicken Spell to shoot it twice again. This allows us to fire four attacks in a round that can be boosted by Hex for 4d6 potential damage and this increases to six attacks at Level 11. Furthermore, we’re adding our Charisma to damage on each one and they’re pushing targets 4.5 meters each for 18 (27) meters of potential displacement. This build is excellent at launching enemies off a roof or cliff. Check out our recommend gear below to make this even more powerful.

From here, we just take as many Sorcerer levels as we can to increase our Sorcery Point pool. Remember that you can turn your spell slots into points if you’re ever missing a point or two for the Eldritch Blast Quicken Spell combo.

Pair this multiclass build with brawler frontliners like Lae’Zel or Karlach and enemies will almost never reach you. If they do, our Warlock’s Armor of Agathys along with Shield and Mirror Image we’ll take from the Sorcerer will make us a tanky enough target.

Best Sorlock Spells to Get for Your Build

While our Warlock slots will mostly be used for Hex early, our Sorcerer spell selection should focus on defensive and AoE spells:

  • Level 1 Spells: First up, Shield is our priority while Chromatic Orb can be an early game Twin Spell option if we’re not using our Quicken Spell combo.
  • Level 2 Spells: Then, useful options include Mirror Image for defense and Web or Shatter for AoE crowd control and damage respectively.
  • Level 3 Spells: Based on your Draconic Bloodline pick up either Fireball or Lightning Bolt for damage. Haste is a great Twin Spell target for our melee front liners. Counterspell, Slow, and Hypnotic Pattern will offer great battlefield control so pick your favorites.
  • Level 4 Spells: Wall of Fire is our resident concentration option here. Banishment, Blight, and Polymorph are great Twin Spell options.
  • Level 5 Spells: Dominate Person and Hold Monster shine with Twin Spell.

When there are plenty of enemies around the battlefield, then AoE damage and control options are a great option to deploy. However, for bosses and key targets in combat, our Hex and Eldritch Blast plus Quicken Spell Sorlock combo will decimate them. One downside is that we won’t be able to pick up Level 6 spells, but we’ll have plenty of Sorcery Points either way.

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Best Sorlock Equipment to Use for Your Build

Pretty much any applicable gear for Sorcerers also works here. Our good old Markoheshkir is amazing for damage when you set it to Bolts of Doom for Eldritch Blasts. The Staff of Spell Power will increase your spell attack rolls and allow you to drop a crucial spell for free. Then we have Birthright as an end-game headpiece for increased Charisma which boosts everything we do. Then we have our Eldritch Blast booster pack:

  • Covert Cowl, The Dead Shot, Shadeslayer Cloak, Duellist’s Prerogative, and Elixir of Viciousness: Wear all these items and your Eldritch Blast critical chance will increase astronomically. They all stack with the Spell Sniper feat to reduce critical hits to a roll of around 15 to 16 depending on how many you have.
  • The Potent Robe: You can add your Charisma to Eldritch Blast again in addition to Agonizing Blast.
  • Risky Ring: Eldritch Blasts get Advantage and you get Disadvantage on saving throws. A worthwhile risk considering our critical chance.

A Ring of Protection, Cloak of Protection, Evasive Shoes, and Helldusk Gloves are also great options. Furthermore, I highly recommend wearing magical Light armor thanks to Warlock like the Elegant Studded Leather, Elven Chain, or the Armour of Landfall.

This concludes my best Sorlock build guide in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can find more of our BG3 guides here, such as our Bardlock build or best Honour mode builds.

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