Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): Should You Use Illithid Powers?

Should you use Illithid powers in Baldur's Gate 3? What are their consequences? Find out here!

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Baldur’s Gate 3 repeatedly tempts you with using your Illithid powers to get the upper hand during interactions, but it doesn’t seem like the best idea if you want to avoid turning into a Mindflayer later. Sometimes it can seem like your only chance. In this guide we’ll talk about whether you should use Illithid powers in Baldur’s Gate 3. What’s to come may surprise you.

Be aware that there are spoilers ahead! I’ve tried to avoid most of them, though.

Should You Use Illithid Powers in BG3?

  • Illithid powers don’t need to be used at all to complete the game.
  • Using Illithid powers leads to new options in dialogue, and a big decision later.
  • You also get new skills from Illithid powers.

Using your Illithid powers in BG3 won’t lead to any earth-shattering consequences, so you can use them a few times without worrying about becoming a mindflayer. Some of your companions won’t be too happy about it, though.

Otherwise, you can also go through the game without using these powers a single time, but there’s not really a reward for doing so. In the end, you should make the decision about using Illithid powers based on your character and if you want to give into this power or if you want to remain pure.

What Happens When You Use Illithid Powers?

Using Illithid powers a few times gives you access to an extra skill tree, which could be an incentive for some players. The Baldur’s Gate 3 Wiki lists the skills that these powers lead to, so you can make your decision based on that as well. However, increasing these skills means that you need to retrieve and consume tadpoles from NPCs. This path predictably leads to a decision where you can become a Mindflayer.

When it comes to if you should use Illithid powers in Baldur’s Gate 3, the answer comes down to the story you want to tell with your character and the path you want to take. You can get away with using them a few times with almost no consequences, or you can resist them and fight against their mysterious pull. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other BG3 guides like how to find Halsin or where the Owlbear Egg can be found in your inventory.

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