Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Disable Steel Watch Robots in Act 3

Take out all the mech bodyguards in Baldur's Gate 3.

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It’s imperative that you know how to disable the Steel Watch in Baldur’s Gate 3. You’ll encounter them during the game’s third act, once you’ve arrived in the Lower City. They can, and will, make mincemeat of your party. They have high defense, tons of HP, and even grappling hook shots. Eliminating them makes it easier for you to assault Lord Gortash.

How to Disable the Steel Watch Robots Baldur’s Gate 3

The Steel Watch robots or mechs can be disabled in Baldur’s Gate 3 once you’ve managed to blow up the factory in the Lower City. Here’s a quick summary:

  • These golems act as the automaton bodyguards of Lord Gortash, the newly-proclaimed archduke of the city. They are numerous, to the point that defeating Gortash is next to impossible while these robots flank him.
  • Their central control can be found in the Steel Watch Foundry, and you need access to the Neurocitor to destroy the facility.

How to Infiltrate the Steel Watch Foundry

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Steel Watch Foundy is in the southwestern part of the Lower City. It’s next to the Water Queen’s House, which is where you can start the Avenge the Drowned quest. The yard in front also happens to be a spot where you can rescue Volo the Bard.

The gate to the facility is locked, but you can use Sleight of Hand and Thieves Tools to open it. Just time it right since a mech sentry is patrolling the area. Next, open the door and talk to a Gondian named Zanner Toobin. He wants to free his fellow workers, but he needs your help.

How to Beat the Flaming Fist and Robot Guards

The two sections of the facility are filled with Flaming Fist guards and other Steel Watch automatons. The Flaming Fist guards are humanoids, which means all attacks in general work normally against them. As for Steel Watch golems, well, they’re another story. Here are the things I advise you to consider:

  • Steel Watch robots are tough and sturdy, so you need to focus your DPS when you see one. Since they’re made of metal, lightning elemental spells deal tremendous damage. I personally suggest Call Lightning. Although a character needs to maintain concentration, it can be cast in successive turns.
  • When these mechs take enough damage, they’ll activate their self-destruct sequence. I know that my team has been on the receiving end of this attack, and it didn’t end well for my units. As such, it’s imperative that you move out of the radius before the turn ends. I also urge you not to fully deplete the Steel Watch’s HP since that will cause the explosion to occur prematurely.
  • Flaming Fist enemies that get killed drop Motivators, which you need to interact with. If you fail to do so, some enslaved Gondian workers will get burned to cinders.
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Steel Watcher Titan Boss Fight Tips

In the third and final area, a Steel Watcher Titan will spawn, flanked by three other Steel Watch mechs. The Steel Watcher Titan has cluster bomb-type attacks that explode in a radius. It can also shield itself, negating most damage.

You should just wait until the shields are raised before bursting it down. On the bright side, the self-destruct sequence of each robot does prevent that mech from moving again. As such, it’s possible to destroy the others via explosions.

When you’re done, you can loot the Gontr Mael, a legendary bow that gives off a glowing light and the Celestial Haste spell. It also deals piercing and necrotic damage by default.

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In any case, approach the control panel and talk to Zanner Toobin. Tell him to rain fire on the Neurocitor when ready. This causes the entire facility to go boom, causing all robots to short circuit.

That’s how to disable all Steel Watch robots in Baldur’s Gate 3. Lord Gortash will still be protected by his humanoid bodyguards, but at least the hulking metallic sentries are gone. For more tips and tactics, visit our BG3 guides hub.

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