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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find Dribbles the Clown

How to find Dribbles the Clown for Lucretious at the Circus of the Last Days in Baldur's Gate 3!

If you spent time at the Circus of the Last Days in Act 3, you might’ve taken a moment to watch the performance on stage. This leads to discovering that the clown performing isn’t actually Dribbles, and now the circus owner wants you to find their missing member. Here’s a rundown of how to find Dribbles the Clown in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to Find Dribbles the Clown in Baldur’s Gate 3

Since Orin the Red is the cause of Dribbles’ disappearance, you’ll generally find pieces of him in areas where other victims of Bhaalist murders are located.

The hardest part of this quest is knowing how many pieces you need to find since Dribbles the Clown has been dismembered, and the Journal will simply tell you to keep collecting pieces until you have them all.

As it turns out, you need to collect a total of seven pieces before you can go back to the circus and complete this quest officially. The following is a list of body parts you need. This guide will then elaborate on each one in the same alphabetical order if you just need to jump ahead to a specific section.

  1. Dribbles’ Arm
  2. Dribbles’ Foot
  3. Dribbles’ Hand
  4. Dribbles’ Head
  5. Dribbles’ Leg
  6. Dribbles’ Pelvis
  7. Dribbles’ Torso

Where to Find Dribbles’ Arm

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Dribbles’ Arm is located at Peartree’s house. He’s one of the people listed on Dolor’s page of targets. Break open the door to get inside, then move the Traveler’s Chest to access a hatch and move into the basement. The body of Courageous Little Kimmabeth is holding the Clown’s Severed Arm.

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Dribbles’ Foot is in the building south of Crimson Draughts that’s labeled as Rainforest’s House. You’ll need to lockpick the front door to get inside, but it’s not a problem for Astarion to handle. There’s a hatch you need to head down, and you’ll find the Clown’s Severed Foot on the body of Winslow Reginol. Although, you don’t want to rush right to the body because there are traps.

Where to Find Dribbles’ Hand

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Dribbles’ Hand is at the Circus of the Last Days. You’ll find it by Popper, but if you can’t take it without him noticing, you’ll have to convince him to let you keep it if you don’t want to fight with him for it. If you’re a Drow, you can roll with advantage on a couple of the options to intimidate him into letting you keep the hand.

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Dribbles’ Head might be the most difficult to grab simply because it’s located in the Temple of Bhaal, so you must fight your way to it if you haven’t allied with Orin. You’ll find an altar north of the Temple of Bhaal Waypoint and a dead NPC named Wilting Alex, who’s holding the Clown’s Severed Head.

Where to Find Dribbles’ Leg

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Dribbles’ Leg is also near Crimson Draughts but in Lavernica’s House instead. You’ll have to lockpick the door and head down another hatch. In the hatch, there’s a ritualistic symbol with a corpse in the middle of it. Loot the body to get the Clown’s Severed Leg.

Where to Find Dribbles’ Pelvis

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Dribbles’ Pelvis is in the house at the corner of the alley east of Stormshore Tabernacle. Unlock the door and step inside to find Gohumberry Tresp dead on the ground. Loot him to pick up the Clown’s Severed Torso.

Where to Find Dribbles’ Torso

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Dribbles’ Torso is in the hatch found in the kitchen of the Open Hand Temple. You’ll fight with some bandits in the caverns, and one of the corpses will be holding the Clown’s Severed Torso. If you take your time in this area and explore it, you’ll get clues for the “Investigate the Murders” quest as well.

That covers how to find Dribbles the Clown in Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you have the pieces, return to Lucretious at the circus and get the Spellmight Gloves as a reward for your efforts. Then, check our BG3 guide hub for more Act 3 topics, like how to find and defeat Cazador or how to find the Sharran Lookout.

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