Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get and Use Sussur Bloom in BG3

Enter the Arcane Tower once you know how to get and use Sussur Bloom in Baldur's Gate 3!

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The Underdark is full of items that don’t always have a clear use at first glance. While exploring the Underdark, I picked up a lot of items that I still had much later in the game without finding what their purpose is. So, here’s how to get and use Sussur Bloom in Baldur’s Gate 3, one of many items I found when exploring that I didn’t know what to use for at first.

How to Get Sussur Bloom in BG3

Sussur Blooms are found near the Sussur Tree Waypoint on the western section of the Underdark and in the Arcane Tower’s Garden in the southwest corner of the Underdark.

I found three Sussur Blooms on the Sussur Tree by the Waypoint from climbing on the branches and looking at the ground near them. However, carrying them around can be annoying because they prevent your spellcasters from being able to cast. I ended up sending them to my camp, but you have to be careful because they’ll wilt if you take them outside the Underdark.

The other location to get Sussur Blooms is the Arcane Tower’s Garden.. The Arcane Tower is easy to skip during your first playthrough if you aren’t seeking it out, but you can grab a lot of useful items from it if you take the time to navigate it. However, you need Sussur Blooms to get the elevator to descend to reach the garden, meaning you need them from the tree first.

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How to Use Sussur Bloom in BG3

Sussur Blooms are used in the Arcane Tower to activate its elevator. If you have extra, you can use Sussur Blooms to silence enemy spellcasters by throwing them onto the ground near the caster. Their limited antimagic field prevents both enemies and allies from casting, so you need to be careful with your placement.

And that’s all there is for how to get and use Sussur Bloom in Baldur’s Gate 3. When you get them, you might want to grab Sussur Tree Bark at the same time to craft the Masterwork Weapon or get the Icy Crystal for Mourning Frost, which are both included in our BG3 guide hub.

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