Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get the Ring of Protection

Get a +1 to Armour Class and Saving Throws with the Ring of Protection in Baldur's Gate 3!

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The Ring of Protection is a reward for quest “Steal the Sacred Idol” in Baldur’s Gate 3, which you get from Mol at the Emerald Grove. Of course, stealing the idol from the druids is no small feat. Your timing must be right, and there’s a critical prerequisite before you’re able to pick up the quest. In this guide we’ll go over what you need to do to get the Ring of Protection.

How to Get the Ring of Protection in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Ring of Protection is the reward for completing Mol’s side quest “Steal the Sacred Idol.” You need to take care of a few things before you can initiate this quest.

Your first step is to go down the stairs to the Sacred Pool in Emerald Grove, then immediately turn left to head towards the beach. Follow the path until you hear singing, upon which your character and/or companions will comment and the “Investigate the Beach” quest will be added to your journal.

This quest is required before you can get the Ring of Protection because it will open up access to the Tiefling Hideout. She’ll demand you leave if you get in by other means. To note, investigating the beach requires that you fight harpies — letting the child Thiefling die to them may block off getting the Ring of Protection.

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Once you have access to the Tiefling Hideout, speak with Mol to pick up “Steal the Sacred Idol.” As the name states, Mol wants you to take the Idol that’s in the middle of the Sacred Pool area. The problem is that stealing it results in chaos, and can set off a battle between the Druids and Tieflings.

Completing the “Steal the Sacred Idol” Side Quest in BG3

Your best option is to take the Idol of Silvanus while using Invisibility and Deception, but to wait until you can make peace between the Druids and Tieflings, especially with Kagha’s hostile views towards the Tieflings. In this case, the fighting won’t be between those two groups. 

Another thing to note is that Mol won’t let you complete the quest if there are any fights going on in Emerald Grove. After you turn in the Idol to Mol, you’ll receive the ring and a promise that Mol will give you more rewards at Baldur’s Gate.

Ring of Protect Stats

Why go through all this, you ask? Because despite being able to get it so early in the game, the Ring of Protection has the following stats:

  • Armour Class +1
  • Saving Throw +1

I missed these quests during my first run, but knowing how to get the Ring of Protection in Baldur’s Gate 3 would have been helpful during some battles that I struggled to complete without dying. However, there’s always room to discover new things in such a big game, so you can use our BG3 guide hub to look at possible other paths to take like recruiting Minthara or choosing a different romance option.

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