Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Recruit Jaheira

Recruit Jaheira, a veteran at saving the world, in Baldur's Gate 3!

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Jaheira is a Druid and the commander of the Harpers who you meet at Last Light Inn in Act 2. Depending on the choices you make throughout the main quests, you might be able to welcome her to your party before heading to Act 3. To help out, here’s how to recruit Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Recruit Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3

Jaheira is a returning character from previous Baldur’s Gate games. She’s required if you want to later recruit Minsc.

Save Isobel

While you can’t add Jaheira to your party until the end of Act 2, your choices matter from the act’s beginning. First, save Isobel from Marcus during his attack on Last Light Inn. This makes it easier to keep her alive later in the act because the Harpers turn into enemies if Marcus kidnaps Isobel. When she’s knocked out, her spell fades and the Shadow Curse reaches them.

Save Nightsong

Your second step is saving Nightsong in the Shadowfell. If Nightsong dies, Jaheira is at risk of dying when the Shadow Curse spreads and overpowers Isobel’s barrier. After this is the hardest task, keeping Jaheira alive during the attack on Moonrise Towers. She loves going into the middle of the enemies, and she can’t withstand all the attacks from that.

Fight Ketheric Thorm

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After defeating Ketheric Thorm’s first phase, Jaheira stands at the entrance of the Mind Flayer Colony. Speaking with her lets you ask her to join you, but that can glitch at times and have her keep standing there even if you have an open space in your party. However, finishing the boss battle for Act 2 lets you return to the throne room of Moonrise Towers. Talk to Jaheira here, and she’ll talk about accompanying you to Baldur’s Gate. Accept the offer, and she officially joins your party.

That covers how to recruit Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3. Even if you don’t bring her into battle often, it’s fun to have another NPC to speak with at camp and hear her thoughts. For more content, head to our BG3 guide hub for topics like how to change your appearance or if you should spin Akabi’s Wheel.

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