Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Unlock Refectory Locked Door

Progress deeper into the Refectory in Baldur's Gate 3 by unlocking the locked door.

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If you’ve entered the Chapel in Baldur’s Gate 3, you might be wondering how to unlock the locked door in the Refectory. Your character mentions that there’s no apparent way to open it when you first interact with it. From here, you’ll have to do a bit of exploring to find the lever needed to proceed.

How to Unlock the Locked Refectory Door in BG3

The locked door is on the west side of the Refectory. The Refectory has a single group of enemies, so you can explore freely after killing them.

The Refectory is an area you can enter from the Chapel after you defeat the four enemies in the Chapel Entrance. You can either convince/provoke the NPCs inside to let you in, or you can lockpick the door to open it. Once inside, you’ll need to fight a group of bandits, and I actually ended up with a dead Gale because he got set on fire and failed every death save. So, make sure you’re prepared.

Reveal the Switch with Perception Checks in BG3

After defeating this group, you’ll find a locked door on the west side of the Refectory where your party lets you know that they don’t see an obvious way to open it. For clues, you’ll want to head to the southernmost room of the Refectory to find a statue.

Send your party behind the statue, and they’ll perform Perception checks. A successful Perception check reveals a lever on the wall. Pull it, and when you return to the locked door, it will now be unlocked.

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Now that you can unlock the locked door in the Refectory in Baldur’s Gate 3, put on turn-based mode and get ready to face a bunch of fire-slinging traps that led to Astarion dying in my game. I then had to use a Scroll of Revivify to bring him back. As such, you might want to head over to our BG3 guide hub and learn how to make healing potions before you head inside the Refectory.

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