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Baldur’s Gate 3: Location of Facemaker’s Boutique Clothing Store

Camp during Act 3 in style thanks to Facemaker's Boutique Clothing Store in Baldur's Gate 3!

Part of “Investigate the Murders” forces you to run around the city and warn people whose names are on the killer’s list. This means you need to know the location of Facemaker’s Boutique Clothing Store in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Where to Find the Baldur’s Gate 3 Clothing Store to Buy New Armor and Outfits

As the name suggests, saving Figaro in Act 3 means you get to browse his clothing options and pick up new fashionable items for your party.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Facemaker’s Boutique Location

Facemaker’s Boutique is more on the western side of Lower City. So, your first stop is the Baldur’s Gate Waypoint. When you arrive at the boutique, you’ll see a few NPCs standing outside the doors. They’re complaining that Figaro is in a meeting that’s taking forever, and they aren’t allowed inside because of it. You know you’re in the right place because of that dialogue. But to make things a bit easier, I’ve included the location circled on the map below.

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Access Clothing After Fighting Dolor

Before you can do anything at the boutique, you need to deal with Dolor. Entering the building and heading towards the room on the right triggers a cutscene. You can choose to let Figaro die, then fight Dolor and loot both of them. Otherwise, you can save Figaro and receive access to his full selection of clothing and dyes.

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To get the full selection of armor and clothing, you’ll want to take the second option so you can purchase exactly what you want. I personally love the Elegant Robe from his store. And you can find an abundance of screenshots online of Shadowheart wearing this dress with her white hairstyle.

And that covers the Facemaker’s Boutique Clothing Store location in Baldur’s Gate 3, as well as how to purchase items from it. The fight with Dolor here isn’t too rough. The most annoying part is the adds, and trying to keep Devella from being killed while paralyzed as the nearest enemy will hit her on their first turn. From here, check out our BG3 guide hub for more topics like how to get the Elegant Studded Leather or how to find the Bhaalist Temple.

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