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Baldur’s Gate 3: Should Gale Use the Netherese Orb?

Should Gale end your enemies with the Netherese Orb or find a different solution in Baldur's Gate 3?

The Netherese Orb in Gale’s chest is the focal point of his companion quest. It stabilizes after you feed him some magic items, but now he has an order from Mystra to use that orb to destroy the heart of the Absolute. When the time comes, should Gale use the Netherese Orb in Baldur’s Gate 3, or is it better to find another way to deal with your greatest enemy?

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Should Gale Use the Netherese Orb in Baldur’s Gate 3?

As Gale describes it, the Netherese Orb is strong enough to level a city the size of Waterdeep. Detonating it would be enough to wipe out the Absolute if he’s close to its heart.

When you reach the Mindflayer Colony in the end of Act 2, you’ll come to the heart of the Absolute. If you have Gale, you gets the decision to use the Netherese Orb as Mystra instructed, or talk him out of it and search for another way to deal with your enemies. As with most options in BG3, both options have consequences that might not be obvious at the time you make your choice.

When Gale Can Use the Orb

You can technically use the Netherese Orb at any point after you meet Elminster at the start of Act 2. You’ll find it as an action in Gale’s Common section, and choosing it will play the cutscene of him using a dagger to set off the orb. However, this kills your party as well and gives you a Game Over message. The first time Gale actually wants to use the orb is at the end of Act 2, when you see the primary villains gathered and they summon the Elder Brain that acts as the heart of the Absolute.

What Happens if Gale Uses the Orb

You shouldn’t let Gale use the Netherese Orb at any point because you’ll end your game. This is because you’ve either used it to destroy your enemies, or you’ve used it too close to your party and now everybody is dead. However, if you’re speedrunning the game, then using the orb might be your best option depending on the category you’re running because it does give you an ending. It just isn’t among the best endings.

In short, when you’re wondering if you should let Gale use the Netherese Orb in Baldur’s Gate 3, the answer is no. You’ll rob yourself of seeing content depending on when you use it, and the battles that you’d avoid with it are possible to beat the old fashioned way. For help with other big decisions, head to our BG3 guide hub for topics like should you free Orpheus or should you kill Viconia?

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