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Baldur’s Gate 3: 10 Things We Need in a DLC

10 things we need a Baldur's Gate 3 DLC to include if one is made.

With its massive success, it’s no wonder that players are itching for more content. Add in the amount of cut content that didn’t make it to the final version, and you have prime DLC material. Or the start of it. Here are 10 things we need in a Baldur’s Gate 3 DLC. Note that this list does contain spoilers for the later portions of the game.

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10 Things We Need in a Baldur’s Gate DLC

Larian Studios haven’t announced any plans for BG3 DLC, but there’s a lot of content to pull inspiration from and expand on if they decided to put one out.

1. Upper City Baldur’s Gate

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The Upper City of Baldur’s Gate is where the rich citizens of the city live, but it’s blocked off in-game. If you try to force your way through the guards, the Emperor stops you. A DLC could purely focus on adding the Upper City and side quests within it without raising the level cap. Right now, the closest we get is Szarr Palace, but the size of Lower City must mean the Upper City is nothing to scoff at. Plus, think of the valuable loot we could find!

2. A Way to Fix Karlach’s Infernal Engine

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Karlach’s best ending right now is going to Avernus with Wyll, and possibly Tav. For such a great character, it’s depressing that we can’t help her more than that. She worked to prevent the end of the world, and that warrants a chance at real happiness. A DLC could give us a side journey that centers around finding a real fix for her Infernal Engine. Then, she can reclaim the life that was stolen from her by Gortash and Zariel.

3. The Option for Astarion to Drink Cazador’s Blood

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Astarion doesn’t get to become a true Vampire, but he could. Adding an option in a DLC for him to drink Cazador’s blood would turn him into a full Vampire without having to Ascend, while removing the downfalls of being a spawn. It wouldn’t need to be the focus of the DLC, but it would be a nice inclusion for a choice that’s more morally grey. Right now, good and evil remain his primary options, and this could test players and make them think more about the options.

4. More Race options

BG3 skipped over including a ton of races from Dungeons & Dragons. We see one with Dame Aylin — the Aasimar — but other options include Yuan-ti, Tabaxi, Genasi, and more. Unlike other mentions on this list, this could be its own DLC. The amount of content needed to include the races, racial dialogue options, and all that adds up to a hefty sum. A patch could implement this, but a DLC that’s on the cheaper end benefits Larian more by bringing in additional funding for further development.

5. More Subclasses

Sorcerers in Baldur’s Gate 3 in particular lack a lot of the subclasses they have in Dungeons & Dragons. The options seem overwhelming at first in BG3, but playing the tabletop shows you how much didn’t make it into the game. Other classes had options overlooked as well, like the College of Glamour for Bards. Like with races, this could be a DLC on the smaller and cheaper side given how many adjustments need to be made across the acts for this. Even without full story content being added, this inclusion would make replaying the game worthwhile.

6. Side Quests

A DLC doesn’t have to be limited to adding more to the main story. Instead, adding side quests to make the city of Baldur’s Gate feel more alive would be a wonderful addition. Especially since some NPCs mention their issues when spoken to, but there’s no option to help them. One in particular is the couple in Wyrm Rock Fortress accused of a crime they insist they didn’t commit. They say a Fist listening to them would clear their names, but nobody hears them out. It’s a small detail, but it could bloom into a side quest chain about the injustice done by the Flaming Fists.

7. Yenna’s Mother’s Fate

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Yenna says her mom disappeared, but there’s no option to search for what happened to her. As such, Yenna probably ends up abandoned after the Absolute is dealt with because the party goes their separate ways. A DLC including a quest for Yenna helping her find a place she belongs could bring more closure for her. Otherwise, she seems mostly forgotten given how little she interacts with the group and how it’s easy for her to end up killed by Orin. Small details often make all the difference.

8. Fight Zariel

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In addition to fixing Karlach’s engine, fighting Zariel means her life becomes better, too. She wouldn’t need to worry about being brought back into her servitude. While not a perfect solution, Karlach must want vengeance after the terrible life she was forced to endure for 10 years. Actually, a “Save Karlach” DLC including a way to fight Zariel and fix her engine would be perfect.  Let our favorite flaming teddy bear have a chance at happiness like most other companions have.

9. Crafting System for Traps

This would be a difficult feature to add in as part of a DLC, but making traps at least gives you more combat options. We pick up a lot of materials that end up being sold to vendors, particularly rope and other items that could be tools. Instead, a crafting system for traps would let you plan battles beforehand and think about the best way to use traps to turn the odds in your favor. If you’re on Tactician, this would turn into a huge advantage since you work with limited health pools and long rests cost double the supplies.

10. Help Halsin with the Orphans

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If you romance Halsin, he leaves at the end to take care of orphans without anywhere else to go. Like fighting Zariel or saving Karlach, this makes for an interesting potential side adventure that doesn’t require an increase to the level cap. Having the option whether you romance Halsin or not makes for a reason to go somewhere else and deal with the problems that remain first hand. Defeating the Netherbrain solves some problems, but results in many more from the destruction. As a result, having DLC with quests to help repair the world could leave us with a greater sense of closure. And many more hours of Faerûn.

And that wraps up our list of the 10 things we need in a Baldur’s Gate 3 DLC. Reaching the end of an adventure brings bittersweet feelings, but there remains potential for more adventures in this wonderful world. But for now, head to our BG3 guide hub for topics like all races ranked worst to best or the top 10 best Finesse weapons.

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