Batman: Arkham Origins – Deathstroke Preorder Bonus Walkthrough

Steam preorder bonus character Deathstroke is only available in Challenge mode inside the story mode, here's how to access him!

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Batman: Arkham Origins is out, and with a vengeance. Steam servers hit a few hiccups while getting the game out to fans busy pre-loading, which is why a few (myself included) had to restart the download a few times in order to get it going.

By now though, most people have gotten the game squarely installed and ready for play. And one of the first things you want to know is: how do I play as Deathstroke?

Deathstroke, of course, is the much-anticipated preorder bonus on Steam for Arkham Origins

Before you do anything though, check to make sure that your game comes with the preorder bonus. Certain NVIDIA cards were sold with a promotional code for Arkham Origins, and these are not supposed to include the preorder bonus. 

user: dokbido
I have purchased GeForce 760 and it comes with Batman: Arkham Origins code. So I have activated my game on Steam without having a problem. My question is this game comes with pre-purchase DLC on Steam with the codes that NVIDIA provided and we will also get that DLC?

user: Limpetz

Yes, it is counted as Pre-Ordered. But I am afraid the Pre-Purchase Offer to play as Deathstroke is valid only from Steam. Its valid only when you pre-order the game on Steam.

Other users reported contacting Steam and receiving the response confirming the Nvidia promotional code does not include the preorder bonus.

However, I said “not supposed to” up above because thanks to an issue on the Steam side, if you input these codes into Steam before release date and started pre-loading, you will have gotten Deathstroke as well. One Steam forum user also reported finding a Downloaded Map under Challenges as well. 

This issue has since been fixed, so if you haven’t done so already… time to wait for the DLC.

If you did preorder through Steam and are certain that you have Deathstroke, let’s make one thing clear right from the get-go. Unlike the different (and pretty immersion-breaking) Batsuits you can outfit your character with, like Nightwing and Catwoman in previous Batman: Arkham releases as preorder bonuses, you will not be able to play Deathstroke in normal Story Mode. 

It appears that (at least for the moment) he is strictly playable in Challenge Mode.

In normal story mode, you will not be able to access this until you play at least the very first section of the story which outlines the plot. (This should only take about 15-20 minutes on the outside.)

Once you reach the Batcave, you will be able to access the Training Console.

From here, you have the option of selecting Deathstroke as a playable character.

Unfortunately, if you are playing through for the first time and have just gotten to the Batcave for the first time, you will be unable to do much beyond getting a first look at the character and the different selectable costumes (Injustice Deathstroke and Judas Contract Deathstroke). At the moment, the console is usable only for Combat Training as Batman, all of the Challenge maps are currently locked and you will have to play through the story mode in order to unlock them. 

As you may have noticed, playing through the first 20 minutes of the game, extra content unlocks come quick and easy, so it should not take very long before you are able to start in on the Challenge maps and try out Deathstroke for the first time.

I haven’t played far enough to find out when the first challenge map unlocks, but for those of you with the glitched NVIDIA codes who might have that extra downloaded map, maybe you could give us a better idea!

I will update as I find out more. Included in the preorder bonus are supposed to be two Challenge maps, but so far I do not know if they are supposed to come unlocked to start.

To see more Batman: Arkham Origins walkthroughs and common bug fixes, see the Master List

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