Batman: Arkham Origins Guide Master List

The master list for all of my Batman: Arkham Origins guides and walkthroughs.

This is a complete list of the guides that I have written for Batman: Arkham Origins. These (will) include traditional walkthroughs, help with collectibles, tips and tricks, and some fixes for common bugs.

Please note that much of the information contained in this guide refers specifically to the PC version of Batman: Arkham Origins. Walkthrough help and collectible advice should be unaffected except with regards to controls, and I do my best to help find out some bug fix answers for other platforms, but the PC version is my priority. 

Common Bug Fixes 

Issue Fixes #1

  • Burnley Tower Glitch
  • Getting stuck on Penguin's Boat/Batclawing over water
  • Game crashing
  • Steam preload error/No Play Game button
  • Reset video settings
  • Laggy cutscenes
  • Avast virus issue
  • WBID/Multiplayer issues
  • Flickering Killer Croc/No dialogue
  • Sound bug in GCPD Communications Tower
  • How to skip game intros in Steam

Issue Fixes #2

  • Stuck in GCPD Tunnels/Telecom Room
  • Infinite Fast Travel loading screen to Batcave
  • Main questline halting after Anarky/Lacey Towers bug
  • Matchmaking in AO not working
  • Floating away in sea of gray/Infinite fall bug
  • Mad Hatter bridge lights
  • Mad Hatter Dream plate placement bug

Issue Fixes #3

  • Final Bane fight not loading
  • Quiet Waters challenge map not unlocking (Normal)
  • Always online unnecessary in Steam
  • Post-Steam patch crashing on title screen
  • Fixing corrupted Steam save game
  • Concussion Grenade glitch

Issue Fixes #4

  • Infinite fall glitch
  • My Alibi glitch
  • Chapel bug (with the Joker)
  • Deathstroke disappearing
  • Copperhead infinite fall glitch
  • Copperhead elevator crash bug
  • Steam game install stuck at 98%



  • Coming soon!

This list is ongoing. I am one person playing through this game and I don't rush, but I will hopefully be able to provide a little more insight into the gameplay this way. If you have any suggestions for areas you want help with/stuff you'd like to see, don't hesitate to leave me a comment!

Featured Columnist

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Published Jan. 3rd 2014
  • TheVigilante_1921
    I'm having issues with the final fight with Bane - the final third of his health - once on his back for the last take down Bane will just keeps running into the wall.

    How do I beat Bane?
  • Bogoff
    Played Deathstroke fight in Arkham Origins and each time at about a third way through he suddenly disappears , Both doors are locked and I can't proceed . Is this a bug or what ??
  • tyrone_8985
    I fast travel to the batcave to get the concussion detonator, an EVERYTIME i fast travel back to access gcpd, it says I have to go back an get the concussion grenande i have been stuck for about 2 weeks an have looked, an contacted everyone that I could running out of options here plz help

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