Batman: Arkham Origins Stuck in GCPD Tunnels, Infinite Fast Travel Loading Screen & Other Common Bug Fixes

A lot of people having gotten past some of the main glitches and found... more. Here are some more common bugs/issues like being stuck in the GCPD telecom room and the infinite load screen and their fixes.

If you cannot find the issue covered here or want to check out more Batman: Arkham Origins walkthroughs and common bug fixes, check out the Master List.

It's Weekend 1 for Batman: Arkham Origins and already we've managed to collect enough gamebreaking bugs (or just hard sections) to warrant another piece on them. I've scoured various forums around the internet, and so have some of the people commenting on my last article on Arkham Origins bugs, so almost all of these have suggestions, fixes, or workarounds. Good luck!

Stuck in GCPD Tunnels/Telecom Room 

This is one of the big ones that I've found people running into, so it comes first. In the GCPD tunnels in the telecom room (south to the sewer areas full of explosives), if you go hunting for Enigma datapacks on the lower floor, you will find that the large elevator goes back to the upper level, leaving you stuck. 

Thanks to ady_figo92 who linked me to this suggestion by user pascal_st13 on the GameFAQs forums:

Go back through the sewers, there is an exit to street level via a ladder, it isn't marked on the map, I was stuck there myself after taking the lift down ran around, wanted to go back up and the lift was gone.

Others have reported being able to find this ladder and being able to get out of this area this way. 

Infinite Fast Travel Loading Screen to Batcave

A lot of people are also having issues with getting stuck in a loading screen when trying to Fast Travel (typically back to the Batcave). While this is not a full-proof fix, several users have reported that when they alt+tabbed out of the game for a few seconds, then back in, they were able to get past the load screen. This has been reported for both Steam and Origin versions of the game.

Main Questline Halting After Anarky/Lacey Towers Bug

Thanks to Phry_2145 for bringing this issue to my attention - and finding the fix for it too!

Mentioned in this video at about this timestamp, you will notice that after completing Anarky's section of the quest, the main quest does not update. This is because the actual event triggers for the Lacey Towers mission are bugged which means that your map locators don't update. If you head to Lacey Towers (the video above may give you a decent idea how to get there/its location) and beat up the cops on top of the building, the quest will progress as normal despite the fact that there is no marker.

Matchmaking in AO Online Not Working

The online multiplayer parts of Arkham Origins appear to be even buggier than single-player at the moment, but at least WBID seems to be functioning a little better now than it was on the first day. 

One console player in New Zealand, Jordy2211221 reported finding himself alone in lobbies that no one else would join. Turns out matchmaking is just really bad at the moment, so they fixed this issue by "searching over and over again till I got a lobby with at least 4 other people."

Batman Floating Away in a Sea of Gray

This has been an issue reported by multiple players in various areas of the game, where Batman just keeps floating away off in a random direction that never ends.

It's not the perfect fix, but restarting the game has stopped this from happening when you reload your checkpoint, and this doesn't seem to be a constantly reoccurring error.

Note that this seems to be separate from the Infinite fall/Fall through the map bug that I haven't been able to find a fix for yet. 

Mad Hatter Bridge Lights

Several people have been unable to aim the Batarang at the lights on the bridge in the Mad Hatter area.

This is not a bug, but requires a bit of tricky positioning and getting Batman looking in the right direction. Make sure that you are close enough that you are standing on the electrified platform, and then quickfire your Batarangs, don't aim and throw.  

Mad Hatter Dream Plate Placement Bug

There is a section within Mad Hatter's Dream where you are standing on a plate and are supposed to pull yourself with the Batclaw. In this section, there have been quite a few people who have complained that the plate placement is bugged. 

Some users have noted that this is due to issues with PhysX (not unknown in the Batman: Arkham series) so turn off PhysX, then reload the game. Once you are out of the Habidashery level, it should be safe to turn back on.

Official Updates

This is not a fix, but sheds some hope in the meantime. Official word from the WB Games forums today has it that many of the biggest bugs (Burnley Tower, flickering Killer Croc etc. and issues with WBID issues) have been noted by developers and they are currently working on a patch fix for them which we should see coming out soon. Hang on, all this frustration (hopefully) won't last forever!

Missing Deathstroke DLC for players who pre-ordered
We are aware that some of you are finding that their Deathstroke DLC code is missing or not working. We’re currently looking at ways this can be resolved. For those you posting about this issue, please be sure to specify which platform you’re playing the game on.

1st Appearance Batman Skin Code not working
Please contact Customer Support by going to

Game Breaking PS3 Glitches (PS3 and Xbox 360)
Our teams are currently working on these issues. 

Burnley Communication Tower glitch (PC)
Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix. Meanwhile a fellow player has figured out a trick that has worked for some players to bypass this glitch in this video.

Patch 1.01 glitches (PS3)
Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix.

Killer Croc flickering (PC)
Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,

Mouse cursor resets to outside of window at the start of a segment on Steam (PC)
Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,

Ranks are not in proper order on the Challenge Maps leaderboard. (PC)
Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix, 

Attempting to see the leaderboard when the user has never completed it displays an error message (PC)
Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,

Rooftop Snow Meshes look detached from the characters. Texture glitches in the Open World (PC)
Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,

User cannot climb into the vent of the Burnley tower in the Open World (PC)
Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,

I will try and post more issues and fixes as I find them, but as many of you know, this has been a pretty buggy release and fixes are hard to find/not always clear. I have not experienced many of these myself, but that doesn't stop be from constantly being on the lookout for ways to help you keep playing. Again, many thanks to the users on the Steam forums, WB Gaming forums, a few other gaming forums, and just random people around the internet willing to help each other out!

If you cannot find the issue you're looking for covered here, I have covered many more bug fixes in the following articles:

  • Issue Fixes #1 (covers pre-patch Burnley Tower glitch, laggy video setting/crashing)
  • Issue Fixes #3 (covers post-patch final Bane fight glitch, Steam fixes)
  • Issue Fixes #4 (covers Chapel glitch, My Alibi glitch, Copperhead bugs, Deathstroke, Steam, etc.)

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Published Oct. 27th 2013
  • Will_1169
    GCPD if you die by rioters your screwed cant get past it. Your disrupter wont work and your immortal (WII U dunno bout other platfoms)
  • Harlee_1290
    I'm stuck in a gray area and when I make it look up it's like I've fallen underneath the building, but I can't do anything. After a few minutes it says that dead shot has killed me and it restarts from the checkpoint but it goes back to the gray "hole" of infinity
  • Jiten
    When i want to access the GCPD servers my game has half a black screen at the bottom and batman is constantly flying endlessly with a kind of moon and sky at the top, have tried restarting many times and the challenge mode still works, please help!
  • Chimpy_2809
    I have the problem that im stuck in the gcpd building i have the disruptor and must go to the server room but at the door i cant use it and the game crashes. any fix for that?
  • bob_4813
    You’ll run into trouble when you try to access the Server Room. A special scrambler disrupts your Batcomputer connection. To break it, you’ll need to access the Evidence Locker and steal the Disruptor. Head through the nearby side door.

    When I try to open the near by door it say's locked.

    Is this a glitch???

    Help please!!!!
  • blahblahblha
    Thank god for the sewers save, thought I was gonna be stuck forever didn't even think to go back and look cause there was nothing on the map!
  • Wasif Sarkar
    If You are having problem with batcave endless cut sceane shut the game goto directory where you have installed the game Then Goto BMGame Then Simply Rename Movies To Something movies1 As A Temporary Name Then Start Batman and You are Good Go.For Any Kind Of Thanx You Can Contact Me On
  • rahyarpaul
    i found a bug that i cannot do anything ,
    after i finished Access the Sewers Beneath GCPD
    i am going back to gcpd via rooftop
    but when i want to go out
    i cannot find the way,there is no way to go to the city
    i am stucking in gcpd ,and i cannot go further .the game is saved and at now i must start a new game
  • NE0X
    Can Someone help me??
    Im german so i dont really understand how to get out of the GCPD tunnels. Can someone translate the text into german or make a quick tutorial?
  • kamil_2945
    I have Infinite fall and I am stuck :/ When I reload checkpoint Batman already falling into infinity.. Its after 8-10 hours of playing, after Deadshot kill a hostage... Anyone know how to fix this?
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    I've gone hunting, but I haven't found a fix for this one either. :( Sorry, man.
  • Ninetales_2644
    (Spoilers, slightly)

    At the end of the game, almost literally at the end of the game, where you run into Joker and begin to fight him in the chaple, there's a part at the start of the fight where you counter his gun and send him flying. After that, you punch him twice to trigger the next scene that throws Joker into a window and you're /supposed/ to counter the glass, I've looked it up to see what you're supposed to do, but for me it doesn't do anything. I can't counter Joker's attacks, no matter how much I mash the button, and it isn't until Batman falls over dead that the coutner indicator even appears.

    Help would be super appreciated, or at least acknowledge this bug. It's not just me; I've seen several people complain about it.
  • zach_2040
    stuck in the first comm. tower in the second mission. When I attempt to scan the DNA on the wall I get kicked out of detective mode and cannot scan, I can't make any progress in the game
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    I actually kept getting kicked out of Detective Mode in that area too, but when I reloaded checkpoint, it worked out fine... did you try that?

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