Batman: Arkham Origins Burnley Tower Glitch & Other Common Bug Issue Fixes

The Burnley/Lacey Comm Tower glitch and the Boat Rope bug are getting on everyone's nerves. Here are some of the most common bugs and their fixes (if they have one!).

If you cannot find the issue covered here or want to check out more Batman: Arkham Origins walkthroughs and common bug fixes, check out the Master List.

It is Day 1 for Batman: Arkham Origins, and we are off to a good start running headlong into a whole bunch of issues. Some of these are fixable, some of them will definitely require patching from the developers - but here are some things you can try.

Please note, most of these errors relate to problems experienced on the PC Steam version of the game.

Burnley/Lacey Communications Tower Glitch

This is the big one, and the one that everyone from the Steam forums to WB Games have been screaming about for hours. 

Once you zipline through the ventilation shaft and hack the communications tower, you are supposed to Batclaw your way back up through the ventilation shaft and climb out. Unfortunately, Batman only hangs there by his fingertips and is unable to climb out. 

There is no current fix for this. It will need to be patched by the developers. What you can do in the meantime is Fast Travel out of there, but it will not unlock any of the Enigma stuff or the fast travel for Burnley. There have also been a few reports from some people who managed to get past it "while crouching during hanging up with the Batclaw" but this has been unconfirmed so far.

EDIT: There is a tap-dance workaround for this. (Thanks nghiatito!)

Strangely, this only affects the PC version of the game.

Getting Stuck on Penguin's Boat

This is the second biggest issue people are running into, but at least for this one, some people have been finding some ways around it. At one point Batman finds himself in a section where he needs to Batclaw himself over water using a pontoon. Using the Batclaw on the ring results in the ring being pulled off and the rope falling down, locking Batman on the rope. 

Several players have suggested pressing Left Ctrl which will allow you to let go of the rope. Others have suggested restarting from checkpoint and then opening the door. 

Some have tried pressing Left Ctrl and reported that this will release the rope but not fix the issue and insist that a patch is needed. I have not been able to test this part yet.

EDIT: I have gotten through this section myself, and while I did not see a section in which the rope fell down, I did find that there was no indication what to do when I had finished pulling myself in one direction over water. Pressing Left Ctrl let go of the rope for me, leaving me free to Batclaw something else. No issues. 

Game Crashing

First, make sure that your drivers are updated, check these out in particular: 

  • VC redist 2010
  • NVIDIA PhysX drivers
  • AMD/NVIDIA GPU drivers
  • DirectX Jun 2010 or SDK
  • Dot .net Client profile 4.0
  • Dot .net Extended Profile 4.0

This should fix a few issues with game crashing (while changing resolution, upon game startup, etc.).

Remember that if you use AMD, do not turn on PhysX. NVIDIA cards are the only ones that can run this. You can only set your CPU to run it for you, which will not help your performance. Arkham Origins is optimized for NVIDIA on PC, so if you are experience stuttering, errors, and lag issues, try to keep it under MSAA x4 - this should not be a problem for higher-end AMD cards though. 

Steam Preload Error - No Play Game Button

This affected some players who preloaded their game before the game officially released. After the game was released, the preloaded game did not display the 'Play Game' button. 

To fix this:

  • Shut down Steam
  • Reboot your PC
  • Restart Steam 

Reset Video Settings 

This is if you have messed around too much with the settings and are unable to go back in through the Settings menu to fix them. You can change them all back to Default without being in-game:

  • Access your Arkham Origins folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\BMGame\Config)
  • Remove the BMEngine.ini file
  • Start up the game again, it should be restored to Default settings

Laggy Cutscenes

This can be caused by some issues with Direct X 11 and advanced video profiles which causes stuttering and sluggish cutscenes. 

  • Access your Arkham Origins folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\BMGame\Config)
  • Open BMEngine.ini in Notepad
  • Set AllowD3D11 to False

This will set it back to Direct X 10/9. There are some areas in which you will see random FPS drops throughout the city as well that may be caused by this issue.

EDIT: I saw a report on the Steam forums that they released a patch on the first day that fixed many of the framrate and stuttering issues for Direct X 11, as well as multiple mentions of it on the WB Games forums, but I haven't been able to find it in Steam updates history myself to be certain. 

Avast Virus Issue

For some reason, Batman: Arkham Origins shows up on Avast's radar as a virus. This is a false positive.

WBID/Multiplayer Issues

This one affects people in different ways. One of the first things that you are offered is the opportunity to get your hands on a new Batsuit if you create a WBID. Through personal experience, after trying to do this, I got an error through the website when I tried to verify my account. If you attempt to login, you will not be able to.

  • Restart the game. You will get a message congratulating you on creating an account and unlocking the new Batsuit.

Other issues under this umbrella include level resets in multiplayer, and WBID kicking you offline

My best advice is to avoid multiplayer for the time being, since it is the first day and the game is very buggy. You risk running into the above problems as well as losing level resets and player progress in single player.

Flickering Killer Croc/No Dialogue

I experienced this one myself. I had a little trouble in the fight with Killer Croc (that still sounds so embarrassing to admit) which resulted in my fighting him about three times. On the last time, he bugged out and started flickering. Which was fine in terms of gameplay, it made him no harder to fight, but it did make for some silly screenshots. So far, those affected appear to be using AMD, but there have only been a handful of reports.

(Killer Croc trying to eat your face off)

(what you see with flickering Killer Croc glitch)

This will need a patch fix too, but at least it is harmless and not gamebreaking.

Additionally, sound and subtitles may cut out during this fight, as well as at the very beginning of the game. There is currently no fix for these either, and require a patch. I did not encounter this issue. 

Sound Bug in GCPD Communications Tower

Sound may cut out for you in/after the GCPD Tower area. This is fixable, but not immediately.

  • Follow the game through the area and complete the scripted commands
  • You will reach a door locked by a terminal which suggests switching to Detective Mode and scanning around you
  • Exit the game and reboot

Sound and subtitles should now be functioning again.

Skip Steam Intros

And lastly... this is not exactly a bug, but it is very annoying. The opening intros for the game are very long, very annoying, and completely unskippable. 

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right-click on Batman: Arkham > Properties
  • Add this to launch options: -nostartupmovies

I will post more bugs and fixes as I find them. Many thanks to users on the Steam forums, the WB Games forums, and friends around the internet!

For those of you feeling extremely frustrated, please remember that this is the first day - there will be bugs. They will be horrible and game-breaking, as per any new release. The Batman: Arkham series has weathered these before, and have come away from them as superstar releases stacked with awards. It's not exactly easy, but give it time. 

If you cannot find the issue covered here, I have written several articles on other common issues and their fixes:

  • Issue Fixes #2 (covers getting stuck in GCPD tunnels, Mad Hatter issues, etc.)
  • Issue Fixes #3 (covers post-Steam patch final Bane fight black screen, Steam issues, etc.)
  • Issue Fixes #4 (covers Chapel glitch, My Alibi glitch, Copperhead bugs, Deathstroke, Steam, etc.)

For walkthroughs and other tips for Batman: Arkham Originscheck out the Master List.

Published Oct. 25th 2013
  • Tofaer
    Rishabh_7005 how did u get past the glitch
  • Rishabh_7005
    I too encountered the burnley towers glitch. I was stuck there for 15 mins. So i restared the game and found myself at the top of the tower and got past that glitch!
  • phinoex
    penguins office is pich black for me
  • Sam_2245
    I was encountering a glitch in the early part of Penguin's boat. Every time I tried to open one door in particular, the game would freeze and I'd get a "This program has stopped working" error. I revalidated my filed on Steam and it solved it.

    Also, thanks for that nostartup vids tweak!
  • Sam_2245
    I was getting a glitch on Penguin's boat where every time I walked through one door in particular, it would freeze. Revalidated files on Steam, big success
  • Ran_2811
    I found a workaround for the Burnley/Lacey Communications Tower Glitch!!!
    All you have to do is this:
    After you enter through the window you hack the the device. This is the crucial part - As soon as you finish hacking aim for the cable outside the window and grapple out, you will go through the bars if you manage to squeeze that grapple before it closes down.
    Et voila!
    You're out!
    So simple. :)
  • akash_1791
    I have a problem in new game plus mode when trying to enter the bank to fight deadshot the batman suddenly appears in a whole new different black area and kept continuing on flying. If someone knows how to fix this please tell me
  • somesh _1410
    My problem is when i click the batman arkham origins application the batman symbol appears but suddenly it will stop responding i keep doing reinstalling methods but still same result. Thanks
    what should i have to do ??
  • kgem
    *Potential Spoiler*

    I am on the final boss fight, and there is a quick time event in which you counter a move and then return the damage back with beat down but when I click the left mouse stick Batman won't use his beatdown move...he just stands there. The final boss then just punches me, I counter and he then again stands there during the beatdown quick time event. Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks
  • Shaheen_9203
    for some reasson whenever i alt tab out then back in the game gets a black screen flickering killer croc happedns to me running gtx 760
  • randomguy_4670
    i cannot pick up enemies (like in gang fights) after i beat all criminals (experienced this on xbox 360 version)
  • Tridik

    If you're stuck at 71% progress with Anarchy because you've completed the mission #3 but the game is not pointing to the courtroom (but instead keeps showing the position of the third bomb) just simply look again for the third anarkyst supporter on the roof of a building of COVENTRY DISTRICT (where you find it for the first time). The real problem is that his position is no more shown on the map and YOU HAVE TO SEARCH FOR IT ON YOUR OWN. Once you've found it, speak to him again and the mission should resart, giving you another opportunity to defuse the bomb and unlocking the courtroom for the final confrontation with anarchy.
  • Amazonwoman
    Can anyone help me. I went into penguins boat to get a one of enigma's datapack. I went in to the boat i couldnt find my way out. So i back tracked but the three steam vent that alternate when you come in. Are always on now i tried to use my glue grenade but it does nothing. Help
  • Amazonwoman
    I am having a huge problem i can not progress any farther i cam in to the final offer through the doors that you did the first time remeber the 3 steam vent that alternate for you to get past them well i can not find away to get out so i traced a path back the way i came only the steam vent are alwys on now and my glue grenade does nothing to them help
  • Wasif Sarkar
    If You are having problem with batcave endless cut sceane shut the game goto directory where you have installed the game Then Goto BMGame Then Simply Rename Movies To Something movies1 As A Temporary Name Then Start Batman and You are Good Go.For Any Kind Of Thanx You Can Contact Me On
  • Skeltonstein
    I've found a few glitches in the PS3 version that aren't game crashing but still annoying or funny.

    I was fighting through a Crime In Progress when a venom-using enemy glitched into a car and spun in circles, unable to escape. I couldn't complete the Crime In Progress since he was the last enemy to beat, but could not be hurt.

    Then, in the Royal Hotel, the archway leading into the water room with electrical chairs has an invisible wall that batarangs cannot go through. Not really harmful, but amusing.

    Sometimes after using Fast Travel system, the game's framerate plummets and batman lags around the level until you reset the game. Not very dangerous, but irritating.

    Lastly, at the Diamond District, towards the end of the game, there are three snipers at the Coms Tower for this area, and no matter where you are, their lasers are constantly on you. Very annoying when you're just trying to get the datapacks and finish Enigma's challenge.
  • Benjamin_9432
    Well... Discovered another issue with the game...

    There is a problem with a Bane fight...
    Probably spoilers for anyone still playing...

    During the fight with Bane where Joker is in "The Chair" ;)

    The second phase of the fight has a cut scene just before it, my game glitches at that cut scene, then goes back to the first phase of the fight, in a room with just henchman and an untransformed Bane... leaving me unable to actually defeat him... :S

    Can't restart, as it just starts from the cut scene and does it again... and again... and again...

    Going to have to wipe my save and start all over again by the looks of it.
  • Benjamin_9432
    Well... Discovered another issue with the game...

    There is a problem with a Bane fight...
    Probably spoilers for anyone still playing...

    During the fight with Bane where Joker is in "The Chair" ;)

    The second phase of the fight has a cut scene just before it, my game glitches at that cut scene, then goes back to the first phase of the fight, in a room with just henchman and an untransformed Bane... leaving me unable to actually defeat him... :S

    Can't restart, as it just starts from the cut scene and does it again... and again... and again...

    Going to have to wipe my save and start all over again by the looks of it.
  • Zack Clark
    I have a problem that wont go away. I'm at 94% in story completion and I'm to what I assume is the final bane battle. At the end of the cutscene where bane and batman fall through the floor the screen shakes after bane pounds the ground and the cutscene ends into gameplay where batman is crouched but the entire screen turns gray and if the character walks off the only square of ground and free falls into endless gray until finally it ends and the death cut scene rolls as if I had been killed in the game. it does the same thing everytime. endless gray screen except for the batman character. please help.
  • Byron_2531
    I've got a glitch in the Mad Hatter's first proper encounter. Loading in, the camera is out in the void, nothing but weird smoke and a couple of random objects in the distance. Reloading doesn't seem to change anything and I can't really get out.
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