Which Battle Bay ship suits your playstyle? Let's break'em down so you can find out!

Battle Bay Ship Guide: Which Is Best For You?

Which Battle Bay ship suits your playstyle? Let's break'em down so you can find out!
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There are five ship types in Battle Bay, and each one has its own specializations based on its stats and item slots. There’s a big difference between a Shooter and a Defender, just like there’s a big difference between an Enforcer and Fixer.

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Knowing the differences between each ship type lets you pick what’s best for your playstyle. You have to choose based on whether you like to deal massive damage, support, or tank — just as you would in an RPG. And just like those games, you play to your role. You don’t want to see any Fixers trying to run-and-gun in the frontlines or Speeders hanging out back. Play your ships the way they’re meant to be played for the best results.

Before we go into each ship’s specialization, let’s go over the types of items and what they generally do. Each item color specializes in a type of function — whether simply being weapons, passive stat increases, or active uses to turn the tide of battle. Here’s what they are:

  • Red Items: These are weapons. Every ship has at least one red item slot. The more red slots, the more weapons you can equip.
  • Yellow Items: These are use items, of which Battle Bay has a wide variety. Some examples of yellow item abilities are:
    • Tesla Bolt: Stuns an enemy for a couple seconds
    • Frost Blaster: Freezes an enemy ship for a few seconds.
    • Nitro: Gives you a massive boost of speed for a moment.
  • Blue Items: These give passive stat improvements, including:
    • Bandage: Grants you passive HP regeneration every 5 seconds.
    • Turbo: Increases your ship’s speed.
    • Rudder: Improves your ship’s turning speed
  • Green Items: These are the least common of the colors and most often are used on Fixer ships. These are also use items, but are only geared towards support. The three currently in the game are:
    • Repair Box Launcher: Drops a box in the water for friendly ships to pick up and heal.
    • Repair Pulse: Repairs nearby friendly ships.
    • Duct Tape: Repairs your ship’s HP over time.

With that gone over, let’s get into each ship type and what you need to know before settling on one over the other. No two ship types are equal in all ways, so choose whichever sounds best!


The Shooter is your starter ship, but don’t let that make you think it’s useless. It’s surprisingly good, especially if you like to have a whole array of weapons at your disposal.

This ship mostly specializes in red items, meaning it can have the most weapons equipped at a time when compared with other ships. This makes it ideal for the trigger-happy player.

By default the Shooter has the second highest speed in the game and its agility is average, which just adds to the versatility of this ship. You can choose pretty much any weapon type and do well with the Shooter — and it has just enough blue item slots for you to customize its stats to your liking.


The Speeder specializes in exactly what it sounds like: going fast. But that doesn’t mean that’s all it’s good for.

With the lowest HP out of all the ships, this one makes up for it with its exceedingly high ship agility and its fast speed. Its turret agility is just average, but that can be dealt with using blue items if need be.

This ship specializes in yellow and blue items, which make it an amazing disruptor if equipped with the right combination of yellow and blue items. It can essentially stun for days if played right. You see a ton of Speeders at high ranks, and for good reason.

People tend to compare the Speeder and the Enforcer because their item slots are so similar, with the Enforcer being more geared toward weapon usage and the Speeder being better suited to stat-improving blue items. But the combination of lots of yellow and blue slots with the ship’s speed allows the Speeder to shut down the enemy team much easier than the Enforcer.


The second slowest ship in the game, the Enforcer may seem like a bad choice when compared to the fast Speeder or the extra-heavy Defender, but it has its uses — those being a combination of heavy artillery and yellow use items.

The Enforcer was born to shoot, and packs the highest base turret agility in the game, as well as a very high ship agility — both of which make this a very maneuverable ship despite its slower speed.

Its maneuverability, the heap of red and yellow item slots, and its reasonably high health make the Enforcer a great long or mid-range combatant depending on your loadout and playstyle. Of all the other ships, this one is probably the most diverse in playstyle…but you lack the stat versatility seen in the Speeder above.


Battle Bay‘s true tank ship, the Defender doesn’t have much going for it in the way of maneuverability nor utility. (No yellow items for you!) But it is absolutely stacked with blue item slots, and has a few reds to keep you shooting to victory. And that’s not even touching on its innate defense stat, which effectively reduces all incoming damage.

Just like you’d expect a moving fortress to be, the Defender is the slowest tank in the game by default. Don’t let that deter you, though — if you stack this bad boy with a couple of Turbo items, you can make up for its slowness. Stack it with any blues and you can make up for just about any weaknesses this ship may have. Or, of course, more health.

This ship is best in the front lines, taking damage that would otherwise go to your squishier teammates and doling out damage with short to mid-range weapons. It’s a bummer the Defender can’t stun or dole out other disruptive item effects, but that would make it the best ship by a long mile. Be happy the Defender specializes in tanking and spanking.


There is no ship you’d like to have on your team more than a Fixer, even if you don’t want to play it yourself. These are Battle Bay‘s healer tank, and they do a pretty great job.

Fixers specialize in using the ever-rare green items, all of which are focused around either healing the team or the Fixer itself (as you can see in the item examples at the start of the article). That’s what makes this ship so valuable on a team, but is also what makes them so rare: most people just don’t dig healing in games.

This ship can do more than heal — with a handful of weapon slots, a tiny dot of yellow, and some blue for those much-needed stats. But a team wants a Fixer to heal, and that’s exactly what you should do when playing one. You may not carry your teams as obviously as Speeders or Enforcers do, but as a Fixer you will be one of the most important players on any team at any rank.

Hopefully this rundown has given you a better idea of what Battle Bay‘s ships are best at. Whether it’s the offense-heavy Shooter, the versatile Speeder, or the handy-dandy Fixer, each ship has its own uses that — in the right hands — can be a real terror on the waves.

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