Battlefield 4 Recon Guide: Tips for Getting That Headshot

Here are a few tips to get you started on one of the toughest classes of Battlefield!
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Sniper and Marksmen rifles are some of the hardest weapons to master when playing a game like Battlefield 4. The Recon class is especially useful on modes and maps that allow for a multiple line defense against the enemy. If you’re playing recon, you are most likely playing Conquest, Domination, or Capture the Flag, modes that are slower paced and allow you the time to find the perfect hiding spot to pick off your enemies one by one. Once you’ve read this beginners guide to Recon feel free to check out other guides on ChizeloffdaBlock’s Guide List

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Which brings me to tip number 1…

Find the perfect spot to set up your weapon. You can use anything from window sills to road barriers to tables to set up the very helpful stabilizing legs of your gun, whatever items provided within the map is fair game if you find a proper way to use it. Using this feature of your rifle will help increase the accuracy of your shot because your player will not move as much, all you have to do is look down your sights and your soldier will set up the legs if you are close enough to the table or propped object.

Once you find a spot away from the frontlines of battle you can surely pick and choose which enemies to pick off first. Good spots are always away from the direct fight and behind some type of protection or cover. Always make sure you have cleared your surroundings first so you don’t end up getting stabbed in the back, literally!

Once you have your spot chosen, start looking for targets!

Always keep an eye out for your opponent to show themselves across your screen and always aim for the head! Make sure you keep your reticle at the height of where you think your opponent’s head will be. At first this will be hard to gauge but as you start to practice you’ll get the feel of different heights of the other players. For example, if your opponent is crouching, proning, or standing you’ll get to the point where you automatically know where to aim based on these three constant positions that occur repeatedly throughout the battle. Just remember aim for where you THINK the head will be!

Do not look down sights one hundred percent of the time!

In order to get fast at scoping out other players you have to practice quickly switching from looking down the sights and regular viewing of your screen. Use your regular view to see if you can spot any movement. Once you think you see movement that is the time where you can take a closer look with your scope and continue to aim for the head! After you’ve fired one shot, depending on whether you missed, you should immediately let go of your sight button and go back to regular view, this will let your character reload the gun so you can quickly lock back onto your enemy. This scoping out will also help you keep track of your enemy who will be trying to pull a clever maneuver. 

Hold your breath for the duration of the shot!

Use all the previous tips as stated above and just as you are going to take your shot hold your breath–your soldiers’ breath that is! Holding your breath will increase the likelihood of you getting a headshot and can even affect your chances of hitting your target at all! 

There is a time limit that your character can hold his breath so it’s best to make this move quickly and efficiently. Don’t hold your breath until you are absolutely ready to shoot and once you hold your breath, take the shot! 

If you implement these small tips you will be on your way to being the best member of the recon class. Recon plays an important part of the team but it’s not for beginners! If you are new to Battlefield 4 I suggest starting out with the Assault class to get a handle on how the game works. 

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