Here is a complete list of all Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3, as well as tips on how to get them all.

Bayonetta 3: How to Get All Bewitchments

Here is a complete list of all Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3, as well as tips on how to get them all.

There are 14 chapters in Bayonetta 3, and each contains five hidden tasks. If you manage to complete at least one task, you will be rewarded with a specific Bewitchment, a sort of achievement. After each chapter, there are extra chapters called Phenomenal Remnants. Each of these extra sections contains three more hidden tasks that also grant Bewitchments of their own.

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Finally, there are four side missions, which can be unlocked after certain main story chapters that also have five secret Bewitchments. In total, there are 137 Bewitchments in the game, and our guide tell you how to get them all. 

Prologue Bewitchments

  • Finish the deck battle without touching clouds of erasure.
  • Avoid Kraken’s ink.
  • Taunt an enemy (Press down on the d-pad).
  • Use Gomorrah’s Gripping Bite on the Cumulonimbus (Press “R”).
  • Attack Kraken’s tentacle anchors with Gomorrah 5 times.

Chapter 1 Bewitchments

  • Destroy 3 obstacles while sliding on Gomorrah.
  • Pick up a hamburger.
  • Stand atop an iconic Shibuya landmark (right after Verse #7).
  • Defeat 5 Stratuses inside the train car.
  • Defeat a Pannus without causing it to split.

Phenomenal Remnant 1 Bewitchments

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Finish the chapter with Jeanne.
  • Finish the chapter with 60 seconds left.

Chapter 2 Bewitchments

  • Watch MC Enzo’s show on the giant monitor (in Verse #1).
  • Scare stray cats with Infernal Demons 3 times.
  • Ride Phantasmaraneae without falling into any pits or clouds of erasure.
  • Take a specifc path while riding Phantasmaraneae (highway ahead and to the left).
  • Stop Asperatus with Massive Web 3 times.

Phenomenal Remnant 2 Bewitchments

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Collect all hourglasses.
  • Finish the chapter with 160 seconds left.

Chapter 3 Bewitchments

  • Collect the Halos hidden in the giant lantern (in Verse #3).
  • Dodge all of the incoming train cars.
  • Break Iridescent Core once (Use Infernal Demon in this boss fight).
  • Hit Arch-Iridescent with Sin Gomorrah’s Flame 3 times.
  • Defeat 3 Homunculi while chasing Iridescent.

Phenomenal Remnant 3 Bewitchments

  • Destroy 3 Alraune’s Blooms of Desire.
  • Consume Hideous with an Infernal Demon.
  • Defeat Alraune with Madame Butterfly.

Side Mission 1 Bewitchments

  • Avoid taking damage while moving through the water.
  • Find the hidden waterway.
  • Perform succesful stealth kills 3 times.
  • Find and defeat Affinity.
  • Defeat 5 Homunculi while transformed into Cutie J (on level C2).

Chapter 4 Bewitchments

  • Enter the Lotus Field in Ginnungagap (Use G-Pillar jump boost).
  • Walk over the lava while using Phantasmaraneae Masquerade.
  • Proceed without using Congestus’ time control.
  • Break Virga once (Use Charger of the Crimson Rim).
  • Hit Mediocris with Infernal Demon attacks 3 times.

Phenomenal Remnant 4 Bewitchments

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Don’t take lava damage.
  • Finish the chapter with 120 seconds left.

Chapter 5 Bewitchments

  • Put out the fire without running into obstacles.
  • Climb to the top of a structure with 3 or more floors (at Treasure Chest #6).
  • Perform a full bare-handed combo on an enemy.
  • Pass the ladder-holding soldier before Luca.
  • Break Volutus once (Use Witch Time).

Phenomenal Remnant 5 Bewitchments

  • Collect all hourglasses.
  • Don’t take lava damage.
  • Finish the chapter with 150 seconds left.

Chapter 6 Bewitchments

  • Stay on the lava wheel for 5 seconds.
  • Run across the crumbling path without falling into the lava.
  • Avoid being hit by Pyrocumulus fragments.
  • Kill Arch Pyrocumulous Staff Attack 3 times.
  • Knock Pyrocumulous off the wall with Phantasmaraneae.

Phenomenal Remnant 6 Bewitchments

  • Complete a chapter with Bayonetta.
  • Taunt Fortitudo.
  • Hit Fortitudo 5 times with the Infernal Demon.

Side Mission 2 Bewitchments

  • Collect all Halos hidden behind closed doors.
  • Avoid being hit by a chasing Cumulonimbus.
  • Avoid Cumulonimbus’ attacks.
  • Get a rocket launcher from the supply system (at the end of the chapter).
  • Find and defeat Affinity underwater.

Chapter 7 Bewitchments

  • Touch a Cheshire mirage 3 times when walking in the desert.
  • Dig up all of the buried treasure while riding Cheshire.
  • Stare at mural of Enzo for 3 seconds (in verse #7).
  • Cross the quicksand river without falling in.
  • Defeat 3 Uncinus that appear from the quicksand.

Phenomenal Remnant 7 Bewitchments

  • Finish the chapter without falling into the pits of quicksand.
  • Defeat 3 Uncinus that appear from the quicksand.
  • Finish the chapter with 100 seconds left.

Chapter 8 Bewitchments

  • Stand on top of the windmill tower (in Verse #1).
  • Destroy 5 Baal statues inside the temple.
  • Enter the hidden room inside the temple (in Verse #5).
  • Hit a Castellanus core while at least 1 segment has been undamaged.
  • Hit Murus with Baal’s Poison Rain (Press “R2” 4 times).

Phenomenal Remnant 8 Bewitchments

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Collect all hourglasses.
  • Finish the chapter with 200 seconds left.

Chapter 9 Bewitchments

  • Scare off 20 resting wild Malphas demons.
  • Escape from the clouds of erasure without touching them.
  • Complete the sand sliding portion without hitting any of the obstacles.
  • Avoid touching clouds of erasure during the battle on the scales.
  • Perform 5 torture attacks during the battle on top of the Tower of Pacts.

Phenomenal Remnant 9 Bewitchments

  • Finish the chapter with Jeanne.
  • Finish the chapter with an equipped Ribbit Libido BZ55.
  • Defeat Baal before he uses Poison Rain.

Side Mission 3 Bewitchments

  • Reach the end without the elevator getting fully stopped.
  • Get a teapot from the supply system.
  • Defeat 2 or more enemies with one shotgun blast.
  • Stealth kill and throw one of the enemies into the other one.
  • Find and defeat Affinity on the elevator.

Chapter 10 Bewitchments

  • Step on 10 of the fallen glass shards on Thule.
  • Climb to the top of the stone tower on Thule.
  • Travel through Ginnungagap without falling.
  • Avoid getting hit by Strider inside his special field.
  • Defeat 3 small Golems (at Treasure Chest #3).

Phenomenal Remnant 10 Bewitchments

  • Avoid electric attacks of the Cirrostratus.
  • Avoid wind attacks of the Cirrostratus.
  • Use Baal’s Splash 3 times.

Chapter 11 Bewitchments

  • Find the item hidden in underground tunnel (Use the Record).
  • Attack Rosa’s Umbran Armor and get the secret item.
  • Avoid all obstacles in the dark while riding Mictlantecuhtli.
  • Find Rosa behind right door and attack (in Verse #8).
  • Defeat 50 Lacunosus whilst riding Mictlantecuhtli.

Phenomenal Remnant 11 Bewitchments

  • Finish the chapter with Viola.
  • Finish the chapter with 130 seconds left.
  • Defeat all Lacunosuses.

Chapter 12 Bewitchments

  • Destroy any 5 buses.
  • Defeat this world’s Bayonetta with an equipped Umbran Clock Tower.
  • Finish Baal Zebul’s performance without taking damage (in Verse #9).
  • Defeat all enemies in the underground tunnel (in Verse #6).
  • Knock down a helicopter while riding Gomorrah.

Phenomenal Remnant 12 Bewitchments

  • Collect all lotuses.
  • Collect all hourglasses.
  • Finish the chapter with 200 seconds left.

Side Mission 4 Bewitchments

  • Finish the chapter without hitting any obstacles.
  • Successfully perform a wheelie jump.
  • Defeat 10 motorcycle-riding Stratuses by slamming them into barriers.
  • Find and defeat Acceptance (Ride into Angelic Verse).
  • Defeat 20 Homunculi while transformed into Cutie J.

Chapter 13 Bewitchments

  • Collect 25 lotuses in Ginnungagap.
  • Activate Perfect Witch Time 5 times while riding Madame Butterfly.
  • Avoid getting hit by Dark Adam’s enlargement attack.
  • Hit Aureole with Madame Butterfly’s Flutter Kiss.
  • Defeat an enemy while moving through collapsing Ginnungagap.

Phenomenal Remnant 13 Bewitchments

  • Finish the chapter with an equipped Abracadabra.
  • Perform successful counter summons 3 times.
  • Deal damage with Malphas 5 times.

Chapter 14 Bewitchments

  • Finish the Singularity Chaos battle without getting hit.
  • Hit Singularity Definition 5 times with Crow Within as Bayo 1 (Press “R”).
  • See the end of the Bayonetta’s story.
  • Hit Singularity Definition 5 times with Madame Butterfly as Bayo 1.
  • Defeat a Homunculous summoned by Singularity Balance.

Phenomenal Remnant 14 Bewitchments

  • Finish the chapter with Bayonetta.
  • Avoid getting hit by Kraken’s bite.
  • Finish without any demons rampaging.

Bewitchment Rewards

Bewitchments function like achievements, and once unlocked, you simply get the message notifying you that you’ve unlocked them after successfully performing all the tasks within any given chapter.

If you manage to unlock all Bewitchments in the game, you will not get any tangible rewards. You simply know for a fact that you’ve unlocked them all as a kind of trophy.

That’s all you need to know on how to get all Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3. If you were looking for tips on how to complete Bite and Toss, Tricky Terrain, or Train Puzzle, then simply follow the provided links.

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