Bayonetta 3: Train Puzzle Solution Guide

This puzzle is required to progress in Chapter 4 of Bayonetta 3. Here's how to nail it in one go.

Bayonetta 3 lets you use summon a demon train. Also you can transform into one. Pretty cool stuff. But in order to unlock Wartrain Gouon (aka Charger of the Crimson Rim) for play in future levels you are going to need to complete Chapter 4. Unfortunately, this means completing Chapter 4's worst puzzle. 

Before getting to take the Wartrain into more combat, are going to need to use your new Infernal Demon to solve some puzzles. Once you know how to complete this one the others should be a breeze, as they are just slight variations. The same overall strategy works regardless. 

How to Complete the Train Puzzle and open the Sealed Gate in Chapter 4

Right after you get the ability for the first time, you are tested with not a combat scenario, but this puzzle. The area this puzzle takes place in has a sealed gate at the far end. When you enter you will see four glowing enemy pods that you need to take out in one Infernal Demon attack. You must deplete each pod of all its health in one go in order to successfully complete the puzzle and unlock the gate. 

Unlike the other demons, when Bayonetta summons the train time slows down. From there, you can use the left stick to trace the path you want the train to take and use the face buttons to add different attacks into the combo. Once you release "ZL," the train will follow the path you just traced and perform each attack as planned. 

To complete this puzzle you are going to want to start on the pod to your right, closest to you. From here, you need to trace your train's path in a U shape so that it hits all of the pods. But this alone won't nearly be enough to take down the pods. You will have to integrate some attacks into the combo. 

We've found the best way to complete the puzzle is by only using the Canon Signal attack mapped to the "Y" button. When you are tracing your path, make sure to press "Y" two or three times each as you pass the pods. Honestly, you can just mash "Y" the entire time if you want. It is a safe strategy and doesn't require much if any timing to get right. 

If done correctly, your Wartrain should zip through the four enemies in the room, dealing enough damage to each to eliminate them. After that, the sealed gate will open and Bayonetta will be allowed to proceed to the next area. There is another train puzzle after Verse 6 of the stage, but that one only requires you to hit three enemies so its not as taxing. 

And that is everything you need to know about solving the obtuse train puzzle in Bayonetta 3. For additional tips, tricks, and more check out our other Bayonetta 3 guides for the game. 


Published Nov. 3rd 2022

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