Beginner’s Tips for New Aion Players – Welcome to Atreia!

Getting along in Atreia as a new Daeva isn't easy. Approach Aion with these point in mind to avoid the inevitable noob confusion.
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Let’s say you want to play Aion, for one reason or another, and find yourself playing the game just going through the motions without any outside help. It’s not uncommon — I myself did that twice up to level 40 myself before finally being shown the light. I suppose it didn’t help I turned off tutorials…

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Below is a (hopefully extensive) list of things to keep in mind during your low to mid-level stay with Aion. This will cover both large and small points, for people both installing/getting ready to play and those already well on their adventure in Atreia. I may add more in the future as I think of more. If you have any recommendations or tips of your own, please leave a comment below!

Past level 50, you should be in (or try to get into) a legion that is willing to help you learn the ropes. You won’t be protected by the sanctuary of the Fast Track server after level 56!

Super Tips and Advice for New Aion Players
  • You choose a sub-class at level 10 after you complete your Ascension quest. You receive this quest at level 9.
  • Use the Fast Track server, it’s there for a reason! You get double experience and rifts are disabled, meaning you won’t get ganked past level 20. You can change channels on FT just as you can on standard.
  • Elite really does mean a mob is tough as nails. Pay attention to a mob’s nameplate outline and the amount of orbs lit up in their icon to get an idea as to how strong they are before initiating.
  • Don’t try to take on more than three mobs at a time unless you have reason to be confident.
  • Campaign quests are those marked in yellow, standard quests are light blue, and those marked in dark blue are those that may give special rewards upon completion of the quest chain.
  • You can level two crafting professions up to Expert level (499) and one up to Master (500+). Other crafting professions can be taken up to 399. Gathering professions do not count toward these totals.
  • Each class aside from Muse/Songweaver can use two or more types of weapons. Choose based on your role and personal preference.
  • Manastones are an essential part of gearing up, even at low levels. Don’t vendor them automatically! Figure out which you need and hold onto them. Watch the prices on certain types on the auction house and sell them appropriately. Some — such as Magic Attack, Crit Strike — may sell for more than you expect. Stock up on useless Manastones and use them for Manastone quests for a chance to get useful stones.
  • Gather while you level. Not only do you make money from selling what you gather, but the game is filled with Gathering Quests to net you solid experience on top of slaughtering mobs.
  • Spy quests require you to tread into enemy territory. Keep this in mind!
  • Aethertapping is optional, but can be very profitable. It’s no fun.
  • Armsfusion is a must for two-handed weapon users after level 20. Armsfusion allows you to fuse two weapons together, including all manastones. More on this can be read on the official site.
  • You receive your Abyss entry quest at level 21. The Abyss is a free-flying cross-faction quest area. You cannot use the Fast Track server in the Abyss, so be prepared for a fight.
  • You receive AP from mob kills in the Abyss.
  • Your first stigma slot opens up after a quest at level 20. Stigmas are something you must keep in mind as there are no notifications for them past this quest. Learn what stigmas are available for your class, as well as what skills must be found instead of purchased.
  • You can get enchantment stones from gear by using Extraction Tools. These can be found at general vendors and are one-use items. Enchantment stones are used to improve gear. Their level is not indicative of the level equipment they should be used on; they also sell for a pretty penny.
  • Low level enchantment stones can now be combined using a Combination Tool. These can also be purchased from general vendors.
  • You are eligible for a house at level 21. You receive a free studio apartment via a quest that starts in your capital city.
  • A character can use mounts starting at level 30, but there is no rush. Their high price and the miracle that is the Greater Running Scroll makes them unnecessary. They’re fun, but not something that you need to worry about. Don’t stress over that 11 million if you don’t have to.
  • Aion has built-in Twitter functionality. It’s under the menu. Seriously:
  • Those coins you get from quests aren’t useless: you can turn them in for gear. The coins you are getting from quests at your level can likely be used toward gear of your relative level. These vendors tend to be found in the same building as a town’s magistrate (or whatnot). Coins can also be sold on the auction house for good money.
  • Quest items do not automatically leave your inventory after you have abandoned a quest. Be sure to remove quest items when you remove their correlating quest from your log.
  • Do not underestimate the stat boosts from food and drinks.
  • If you meet a member of the enemy faction, you can set up a private shop to talk to them. The name of your shop should be what you want them to see. They can do the same, though they are more likely to strike you down than have a conversation.
  • Your cube (inventory) can be expanded in your capital city. The NPC Shugo will either be in the Hall of Prosperity (Elyos) or Temple of Gold (Asmodian). Further expansions can be received via quests at higher levels.
  • Asmodian characters receive incentive gear and items every few levels. You can only receive these on the standard server, and if you bypass one tier of incentives and another comes up the lower level one is gone forever.
  • Those Atreian Atlas notifications you get are not just for show! These bonus items are only accessible once per account but are well-worth the effort. Do follow the link in these messages and log into the Atreian Atlas to see what is available.
  • When using the auction house, you can hold Shift and right click on an item to price an item per unit instead of the entire price.
  • Right click on an item with the auction house search tab open to auto-enter that item’s name in the search field.
  • Every Daeva starts as Rank 9. As you receive more AP via PvP, quests or killing mobs in the Abyss your rank will go up to Rank 8 and so on.
  • You can use the ‘C’ key to interact with NPCs, attack, and loot — no need to keep the loot or attack hotkeys on your bar!

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