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Best Ark Survival Ascended Base Locations for PvE

Here are some of the best PvE base locations in Ark: Survival Ascended, including their exact coordinates.

It’s important to find a safe area with plenty of resources, such as caves, forests, swamps, and mountains, when looking for a spot to build your base. Here, I’ll highlight the best Ark: Survival Ascended base locations for PvE servers.

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Where to Find the Best PvE Base Locations in Ark: Survival Ascended

PvE Base Location 1: Lower South Cave

Lower South cave location on the ARK's map
Image via Ark Unity

Lower South Cave, found at coordinates: 80.3 Lat, 53.5 Lon, is the most accessible cave on the southern half of The Island. Spawning in this area lets you reach it on foot easily and start building right away. the cave features a mild temperature, so you don’t need special gear. Megalania roams the area, though, and can inflict Mega Rabies.

The area around the cave has abundant resources, ranging from berries to raw prime meat, chitin to Titanaboa venom. I highly recommend this cave for new players who want to get a good feel for what survival is like in Ark‘s PvE mode. Materials are easy to find, and threats are manageable.

PvE Base Location 2: North East Cave

North East cave location on the ARK's map
Image via Ark Unity

The North East Cave, found at coordinates: 16.1 Lat, 84.6 Lon, is another popular spot for an Ark PvE base. It’s located on the Dead Island in the northeastern corner of the map. This cave is much colder than the southern caves, so bring Fur Armor. It also has much narrower paths, which I found to be a positive.

Beware of the giant gully in the center of the cave. It’s easy to fall into, but just as easily avoided once you find it. So tread carefully at first. However, this is a great spot for base with minimal threats. It contains plenty of metal rocks, and the larger island is full of resources and tamable dinos.

PvE Base Location 3: Upper South Cave

Upper South cave location on the ARK's map
Image via Ark Unity

The Upper South Cave, found at coordinates: 68.2 Lat, 56.2 Lon, is a much larger cave than its lower counterpart, but many of its tunnels are flooded with water. Though that means hostile underwater creatures, it also means there are some good benefits to this PvE base location. The best of them are Piranhas, which are a good source of Leather Armor and fiber.

I highly recommend using the Baryonyx dino in this cave, as it easily traverses both surface and underwater areas, and it can fend off various creatures. Be sure to use a Cryopod to bring your dinos in and out of the cave.

PvE Base Location 4: Swamp Cave

Swamp cave location on the ARK's map
Image via Ark Unity

The Swamp Cave, found at coordinates: 62.2 Lat, 39.6 Lon, covers a huge area, but I wouldn’t delve too deep into it. The deeper you go, the more dangerous it gets. Instead, I like to set up my base near the entrance, in the room with two stone pillars.

To explore the rest of the cave, wear the Ghillie Armor to survive the heat and a Gas Mask to protect your lungs from toxic vapors. Also, bring the Megatherium mount to better move around inside the cave, which is full of untamable creatures.

PvE Base Location 5: Snow Cave

Snow cave location on the ARK's map
Image via Ark Unity

The Snow Cave, found at coordinates: 29.9 Lat, 26.5 Lon, has a similar design to the Swamp Cave, but instead of heat and toxic gas, it gets colder the deeper you go. Set up your base at the entrance of the cave. For deeper exploration, wear Fur gear, which is looted from Deep Sea loot crates, to survive the cold.

If I had to choose between the Swamp Cave and the Snow Cave, I would recommend the Snow Cave to more experienced players since it’s a survival game in hard mode. The Swamp Cave is easier, especially if you stay closer to the entrance.

PvE Base Location 6: Green Obelisk

Green Obelisk location on the ARK's map
Image via Ark Unity

The final spot on my list of the best PvE base locations in Ark: Survival Evolved isn’t a cave. It’s the area surrounding the Green Obelisk, found at coordinates: 58.9 Lat, 72.3 Lon. I highly recommend this area to beginner players who don’t want to set up a base inside caves. This area has many large rock formations to prevent large predators from entering, making it a wonderful spot with natural defenses.

On top of that, there are lots of accessible cliffs, which you can use to hit dinos from a distance using ranged weapons. The weather is always mild here, requiring no special gear, and the resources are abundant, making it a truly great place for base-building.

Those are my choices for the best PvE base locations in Ark: Survival Ascended. Check out our other ASA tips and tricks articles, including our list of the 15 most useful creatures to tame and how to get Bio Toxin.

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