Make use of the best characters for your team of heroes in Fire Emblem Engage using our tier list.

Best Characters in Fire Emblem Engage, Ranked

Make use of the best characters for your team of heroes in Fire Emblem Engage using our tier list.

Your party doesn’t need to be optimal in Fire Emblem Engage, but who wouldn’t want to have the best characters for tearing through the story and the Tower of Trials?

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Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best characters in Fire Emblem Engage, including their best skills, recommended classes, as well as tips on how to recruit them.

S-Tier Characters


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Alear is by far the best character in the game. You basically start the game with the best defensive unit.

You can keep Alear alive through adversity using such skills like Unyielding and Hold Out. But they can also boost their own damage with the help of Sword Power skill.

The most recommended class for Alear is Divine Dragon, which can be unlocked with the help of Second Seal.


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Diamant is a remarkable character that is both proficient at sword and axe weapons. You can also boost his critical damage using Wrath skill, and increase his survivability with the help of Hold Out.

The most effective class for Diamant is his unique Successeur, which allows him to recover HP while dealing damage.

Diamant will join your team automatically during Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might, as soon as the first battle begins.

A-Tier Characters


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Speed of movement plays a significant role in your entire team’s survivability, and there is no better character than Seadall for evading enemy attacks.

The best class for Seadall is undoubtedly Dancer, which increases his dexterity, speed, and luck. You can also improve these stats with such skills like Avoid and Dual Support.

Players can recruit Seadall once they clear all the enemies in Chapter 15: Dancer in the Ruins.


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Veyle is a fantastic tome user, who can greatly utilize Tome Precision and Resonance skills to improve her damage and survivability.

Her only drawback is low defense, so put her in the back row behind her allies. You can give her either Thief or Fell Child class if you want to give her the ability move freely without the risk of being blocked.

Veyle will join your team automatically during Chapter 22: The Fell and the Divine, as soon as the first battle begins.

B-Tier Characters


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Kagetsu is a very fast and mobile character, and this makes him both very dangerous, but also vulnerable.

You can easily improve his survivability with such skills like Perceptive and Alacrity. The most preferable class for Kagetsu would be Swordmaster, which complements his movement ability, but you can also benefit greatly from the Paladin class as well.

Players can get Kagetsu in Chapter 11: Retreat, when he may join your team during the latter part of the battle.


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Hortensia is a necessary healer that almost every team needs, especially since she can fly.

Just like every healer, Hortensia has low defenses, so be sure to use the Healing Light skill in order to heal both allies and herself. As a staff user, she will also need the Staff Mastery skill on the Sleipnir Rider class, which basically allows her to use her staff for free.

Hortensia will automatically join your party at the very end of Chapter 14: The Battle for Solm.


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Ivy is a tricky one, but the results may surprise you if you master some of her combos.

One of her best combos consists of Draconic Hex and Echo skills, as well as her own Single-Minded attack. In this case Draconic Hex will significantly weaken an enemy, and Echo with Single-Minded will destroy them in a blink of an eye.

Since Ivy is a tome user, the best class for her would be either Lindwurm or Sage. You can recruit her during Chapter 11: Retreat.

Those are the best characters in Fire Emblem Engage, and stay tuned for more Fire Emblem Engage tips and tricks articles.

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