Top 10 Best Cottagecore Minecraft Seeds

Take things easy and relax in a cozy environment. Here are the best Cottagecore Minecraft seeds.

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Cottagecore is all about that warm and cozy feeling. It’s about tending to gardens, casting a fishing line, and just enjoying the world slowly winding by. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 best Cottagecore Minecraft seeds.

10 Cozy Minecraft Seeds for Cottagecore Builds

Seed: 105849523

  • Spawn: 10, -10.
  • Biome: Snowy Plains.

What’s cozier than sitting by a fire in a small snowy village? If you like that winter wonderland vibe, this Cottagecore Minecraft seed is a perfect spot to settle down. I especially love the look of all the ice-covered trees and mountains surrounding the village. I could spend some time here.

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Seed: 1926444278

  • Spawn: -37, 133.
  • Biome: Savanna.
  • Village: -200, 280.

Cottagecore isn’t always about snow. If you want a warmer climate, this MC seed is for you. There’s a perfect village in this Savanna biome, and all the warmer colors make it feel cozy. If you like to stay in your village, there’s plenty of water to spend your days fishing.

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Seed: 7457076613856992345

  • Spawn: -1, -22.
  • Biome: Savanna.
  • Village: -220, -140.

If you can’t tell, I love the look of Savanna villages. To me, they’re some of the most interesting ones around and exude a desert feel without the heat. What I like about this cozy seed is that the village extends all the way up a giant hill. There are also more houses than the previous seed if you want a place a little more lively to settle down.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: -32473355714032391990

  • Spawn: -10,6.
  • Biome: Plains. 
  • Pumpkin Patch: -92, -141.

Although there isn’t a village nearby, there’s something to be said for striking out on your own. And this plains biome has a calming vibe to it if that’s your itch. There are plenty of trees and animals, with plenty of perfect spots for starting a farm. On top of that, there’s a giant pumpkin patch that adds to the Cottagecore feeling.

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Seed: 1099470118337667383

  • Spawn: -13, -55.
  • Biome: Forest, Stony Peaks, Sparse Jungle.
  • Jungle Temple: 35, -184.

This might not be your typical Cottagecore Minecraft seed, but these don’t have to fit a definitive mold. I’ve found the way this seed meshes biomes not only interesting but also calming and comforting. You’ll be right in the middle of three different biomes, each of which would be perfect for setting up a house. You’ll also have plenty of resources nearby.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: -2664979709888967

  • Spawn: 3, -8.
  • Biome:  Snowy Plains.
  • Village: -188, -374.

This Cottagecore seed has the most unique village on this list. It’s another snowy settlement for you winter lovers, but what makes it stand out is the gigantic stone pillar that towers over everything. There’s also lots of water so you can do some ice fishing — or delving for resources.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 2707699667640428640

  • Spawn: -38, 70.
  • Biome:  Desert.
  • Mountain: -2, 48.

If you want to live on a mountain filled with trees, I don’t think there’s a better Cottagecore seed. Living in the mountainside forest and looking down at all the warm colors gives off a really cozy vibe. Although there’s no village, there’s plenty of space to build your own.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 9066

  • Spawn: 13, -56.
  • Biome: Plains.
  • Village: 257, -265.

Cottagecore is usually all about gardens. In this Minecraft seed, you’ll spawn in a field full of flowers. All the colors make the hill stunning — and there’s a village in the distance. I would recommend picking up a bunch of these flowers and planting them in the village to add a nice, colorful touch.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 5305304

  • Spawn: -1, -8.
  • Biome: Plains.

With this Minecraft Cottagecore seed, you’ll spawn right in the middle of a beautiful village. The wood and stone construction makes for a cozy atmosphere with all the greenery. There are also a few Cherry Blossom trees to add to the seed’s beauty. This is not only a great place to start a sandbox adventure, but a perfect place to make a permanent settlement.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 69420023628519127

  • Spawn: -32, 48.
  • Biomes: Plains, Cherry Grove.

This is by far my favorite entry on the list. It just screams Cottagecore to me. As soon as you spawn, you’ll notice a ton of Cherry Blossom trees everywhere. What makes this the perfect place to settle down is the village. It’s surrounded by hills with more Cherry Blossoms.

Those are my top 10 best Cottagecore Minecraft seeds. For more tips and guides, check out our dedicated MC guides hub, where we have even more seeds lists, such as the best MC seeds for mining Iron and the best seeds for finding Slime Chunks.

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