Top 10 Best Minecraft Slime Chunks Seeds

Need those slippery Slimes? Here are the best Slime chunk seeds in Minecraft.

Slimes can be hard to find in Minecraft. They only spawn in certain Slime chunks in your world. If you don’t want to waste your time and resources aimlessly looking for them, I completely get it. I don’t either! Here, I’ll show you the Top 10 best Minecraft seeds for Slime Chunks.

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10 Best Minecraft Seeds for Slime Chunks

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Seed: 1190589512

  • Spawn: -9, 122.
  • Biome: Forest.
  • Slime Chunk: -125 -46.

This Minecraft seed will spawn you right in the middle of a forest. You’ll have no trouble getting the materials you need to go after those Slimes. The best part, though, is that the closest Slime Chunk isn’t too far away at coordinates -125, -46.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 9242579

  • Spawn: 25, 19.
  • Biome: Forest, Wooded Badlands.
  • Slime Chunk: -197 -53.

Although the closest Slime Chunk isn’t as close to spawn in this seed (found at coordinates -197, -53), you’ll spawn right in the middle of a forest and wooded badlands biome. There’s also a massive cave that divides the two. So, if your main priority isn’t getting to the Slimes right away, you can gather plenty of materials before venturing out.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 561190326

  • Spawn: 9, -141.
  • Biome: Birch Forest.
  • Slime Chunk: -33 -91.

You’ll only be a few chunks away from Slimes in this MC seed. This means you can set up your base close to your spawn point and won’t have to worry about going too far for your quarry. I like this one specifically since I can set up a secret base fast with some Slime Pistons.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 348380648

  • Spawn: 58, 31.
  • Biome: Forest.
  • Slime Chunk: -5 49.

If you want a mixture of biomes at your spawn point, this seed is absolutely perfect. You’ll be right in the middle of a spruce forest, wooded badlands, and a mountain. Any resources you could want are right at your blocky fingertips. As for the Slime Chunk, it’s not too far away at coordinatees -5, 49. You’ll just have to navigate through the elevated terrain first.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

 Seed: 140576928

  • Spawn: -31, 144.
  • Biome: Dark Forest.
  • Slime Chunk: -135 147.

The nearest Slime Chunk here is quite far away, unfortunately. However, the starting area is one of my favorites on this list. You’ll be next to a beach, dark forest, and spruce jungle. It’s a unique mixture of biomes, and who doesn’t love some big mushrooms?

Screenshot by GameSkinny

 Seed: 823599959

  • Spawn: -29, -21.
  • Biome: Plains.
  • Slime Chunk: 26 150.

Honestly, there isn’t much that makes this Minecraft seed stand out from others on the list. The Slime Chunk is relatively close, so that’s a plus. What I like about it, though, is the random pillar that you spawn next to. I can envision building a cool base on this unique structure.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 1043236682

  • Spawn: 9, 12.
  • Biome: Plains.
  • Slime Chunk: 127 -53.

I’m a big fan of cliffsides and water, and this seed has a river that runs right down the middle of two hills. Although the closet Slime Chunk is far away at coordinates 127, -53, the starting area is beautiful. It’s also filled with resources to collect before you go on a long adventure.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 165126698

  • Spawn: 57, 30.
  • Biome: Plains.
  • Slime Chunk: -67 151.

This seed also spawns you quite a bit away from a Slime Chunk. However, you’ll start right next to a cool ravine cave that cuts through the side of a hill. This is perfect if you want to get loads of resources first and Slimes aren’t your top priority.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 81611345

  • Spawn: -151, 40.
  • Biome: Forest.
  • Slime Chunk: -45 -95.

Here, you’ll spawn in a beautiful hilly forest that’s not too far away from a Slime Chunk, a change from the previous entries on my list. If I got some Slimeballs here, I would definitely use them to make a hidden base in the side of these hills. Totally.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Seed: 530565158

  • Spawn: 50, 32.
  • Biome: Savanna.
  • Slime Chunk: 31 -51.

This is the only seed on the list that spawns you in a Savanna biome. You’ll also be super close to a Slime Chunk at coordinates 31, -51. If you want a more unique start to your world, this is definitely worth it. The only downside is I didn’t find any nearby caves at the spawn point. Bummer.

Those are my top 10 best Minecraft Slime chunks seeds. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated MC guides hub for topics such as best seeds for mining Iron and how to find Slime chunks without seeds.

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