With the Heroes of the Skyrim expansion now released, it's time to re-examine the best current decks in Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Best Current Deck Builds for Elder Scrolls: Legends Heroes of Skyrim

With the Heroes of the Skyrim expansion now released, it's time to re-examine the best current decks in Elder Scrolls: Legends.
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The Heroes of Skyrim expansion recently dropped for Elder Scrolls: Legends, introducing over 150 new cards to the game. Now that the dust has settled a bit and players have had some time to craft new strategies, we’ve naturally begun to see a lot of changes in the game’s current top decks.

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Luckily, we’re here to help both new and experienced players stay ahead of the competition with this guide to the current best deck builds for the Elder Scrolls: Legends Heroes of Skyrim expansion.

Aggro Archer (Strength & Agility)

Archer decks have the ability to snatch an early lead thanks to cards like Curse, Rapid Shot, Fighter’s Guild Recruit, and Finish Off.

Using these cards to keep your foe’s early enemies from striking back will help you get off to an early start, while the abilities of Daring Cutpurse, Astrid, Brotherhood Slayer, and Thieves Guild Recruit will help you stay ahead.

Mournhold Traitor is also a useful inclusion thanks to its high attack for its cost, enabling you to deal some sizable early damage. 

You’ll also want to include cards like Shadow Shift, Archer’s Gambit, and Dune Smuggler to keep your creatures out of harm’s way and in the best position to deal direct damage to your opponent. This will keep your opponents from simply walling you off with one or two strong creatures with Guard.

Control Mage (Intelligence & Willpower)

In stark contrast to the Aggro Archer deck, the Control Mage’s goal is to stave off the opponent until the late game, when you are capable of unleashing big threats like Mantikora, Odahviing, and Miraak, Dragonborn. You’ll accomplish this with the wise use of removal through Firebolt, Execute, Lightning Bolt, Piercing Javelin and pretty much anything with Ward and/or Guard. 

An exceptionally powerful card for Control Mages is Tower Alchemist, which gives you unlimited uses of cards like Elixer of Vitality, Elixer of Deflection, College of Winterhold, Wabbajack, and Goldbrand. This is made especially powerful with Ayrenn, who will help you get those action cards on the board. 

Midrange Assassin (Intelligence & Agility)

Midrange Assassin decks are capable of frustrating opponents in all stages of the game thanks to the deck’s access to Lethal and the ability to add Ward and Guard to those creatures. Stuffing your deck with cards like Ungolim the Listener, Fighters Guild Recruit, Astrid, Brotherhood Slayer, and Sanctuary Pet mean that you’ll have no shortage of Lethal, while Wardcrafter and Assassin’s Ritual ensure that they’ll live to slay another day.

For added fun, be sure to throw in Queen Barenziah, Royal Sage, and Mentor’s Ring to help spread the Lethal/Ward/Guard fun to everyone. And don’t forget to include Tazkad the Packmaster, Supreme Atromancer, and/or Ancano in case your opponent manages to drag the game out longer.

Midrange Mage (Intelligence & Willpower)

Midrange Mage decks will boast a lot of the same creature removal (Firebolt, Lighting Bolt, Piercing Javeline) and Ward creatures (Wardcrafter, Daggerfall Mage) that Control Mage uses, but with a heavier emphasis on creatures; specifically, creatures with Prophecy. Packing your deck with prophecy creatures like Lurking Crocodile, Shrieking Harpy, Cloudrest Illusionist, and Mystic Dragon will ensure that your opponent has trouble getting ahead of you, while Ayrenn, Thief of Dreams, Ancano, and Supreme Atromancer will be your mid-to-late-game heavy-hitters. 

Midrange Sorcerer (Intelligence & Endurance)

Midrange Sorcerer decks often require smart play to work effectively. The trick is to use early cards with good survivability or flexibility like Crown Quartermaster, Wind Keep Spellsword, Wardcrafter, Daggerfall Mage, and Haunting Spirit to deal early damage to your opponent while simultaneously staving off aggro strategies. 

From there, smart plays with Thief of Dreams and Bringer of Nightmares, as well as the always-useful Wrath of Sithis, High-King Emeric, Ancano, and Supreme Atromancer will help seal the deal. Sorcerer’s Negation, Cursed Spectre and Shadowfen Priest are also useful for keeping your opponent’s annoying tricks from getting out of hand.


Now you should be up to date on how to stay competitive after the latest ESL expansion. If you found any of these decks helpful or have an awesome one of your own to share, feel free to let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more news and guides for Elder Scrolls: Legends:

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