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Best Destiny 2: Season of the Deep Ghost Mods

The best Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Ghost Mods provide a small but important set of buffs to the loot grind.

The best Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Ghost Mods can help you get the rolls you want easier. There are hundreds of rewards in D2 right now, and while you can earn those rewards many different ways, there’s one small thing you can do to make the grind a bit more consistent: using the right Ghost Mods. Every Legendary and Exotic Ghost can be upgraded with modifications, and this guide covers the best of them for Season of the Deep.

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The Best Ghost Mods to Pick in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep

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There’s a default set of Ghost Mods that you can use no matter the situation, but the addition of fishing and the reprisal of Reckoning weapons in Season of the Deep have changed things a bit. We’ll review the best choices slot by slot, assuming you have at least one Ghost that’s made it to Level 10.

Best Slot 1 Destiny 2 Ghost Mods

Slot 1 Season of the Deep Ghost Mods are all about providing extra experience, increasing the amount you gain by a factor of 2% to 12%, depending on the level of the modification. For early in the season, I suggest using either Burning Light or Guiding Light for an 8% or 10% experience increase, respectively.

Right now, you want as much experience as you can get to level up your Artifact and Season Pass rank while still leaving yourself some room for farming Ghost Mods. Going all out for Blinding Light only leaves four points for other attachments, which might not be enough to farm other loot sources efficiently.

Best Slot 2 D2 Ghost Mods

We all know that Slot 2 affixes are about resource detection and are lower on the priority list overall. That said, you can get extra Bait for fishing by collecting planetary resources, so I’ve found that being able to see them a little easier is always nice. Consider investing one or two points into either Destailbized or Makeshift Resource Detector so you have a better view of where resources are as you explore.

Best Slot 3 Season of the Deep Ghost Mods

The best Slot 3 Destiny 2 Ghost Mods help increase or curate the loot you get, from buffing your Glimmer gains to increasing the odds of specific stat rolls to improving public event rewards. For our purposes now and until Bungie changes how some of the game’s core systems work, you’ll want to have the Discipline Armorer mod equipped.

I’d suggest choosing that particular modification because stat roll affixes are split into two halves: the upper and lower three. So if you push Discipline, you’re likely to get not only a good Grenade recharge stat but also a good Resilience stat — the two stats almost every class needs with the current build meta. Your tertiary stat will be whatever’s keyed to your class ability.

Best Slot 4 Ghost Mods

Slot 4 Ghost mods increase your rewards from core playlist activities: Vanguard Ops, Gambit, and Crucible. Most of them are about awarding upgrade materials, but the ones you want are the three Prosperity mods, depending on which activity you’re doing.

Prosperity mods increase the chances for additional Legendary gear at the end of the activity, and since some of the new weapons are tied to Gambit, Gambit Prosperity is the key in Season of the Deep.

You should have access to all of the attachments out the gate, whether you’re a New Light player or a grizzled veteran, so the selection of the best Destiny 2 Ghost Mods here is easy to pick up. If you’re looking for more help with Season of the Deep, or the game in general, check out our guides on how to get the Rufus’s Fury Auto Rifle, complete the Descent mission, and more in our D2 guide hub.

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