Destiny 2: Season of the Deep — The Descent Quest Guide

The Descent to the depths begins in Season 21 of Destiny 2. Here's how to get through the first mission.

Season 21 of Destiny 2 has players going to the seas on Titan but not without completing the opening mission, The Descent. This mission starts automatically after the Season 21 opening cutscene that plays when you boot up the game. If you’re wondering just what’s ahead or just got lost along the way, this is a complete guide to how to beat The Descent in Destiny 2.

How to Complete The Descent in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep

Defeat the Taken

The first parts of The Descent have you jumping from salvage rig to salvage rig to align communication disks in order to find Sloane’s location. After heading in a bit there will be a door that leads inside one of the rigs and suddenly a swarm of Taken will ambush you, guardian. Take care of the swarm and continue making your way towards the communications array.

Silence the Battlesong and War Totems

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After defeating the Taken, keep going forward to reach the Operations Rig, defeating the scattered Taken along the way. Then a battlesong will start summoning more Taken to fight. Capture three of the plates while keeping the hoards of Taken at bay in order to complete this section. I found that progression on capturing the points doesn’t go down over time so if the crossfire gets too hairy, move around to find a place to recover.

After silencing the last War Totem, a Celebrant will appear. After this fight you can continue to the comms array.

Fix the Communication Disks

You’ll find the power is out as soon as you get the the communication array. Grab the power cell to the left at the base of a set of stairs and put it into the array, which will then turn on the four satellite dishes. Look at the screens below them before adjusting them to see where it should be going. Once all four are in the right direction the location of Sloane will be revealed showing that they are under the sea. You’ll follow the signal from here to go deeper into the water and the facility.

Put on the Device to Protect from Sea Pressure in The Descent

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As you follow the signal into the water the pressure of the sea becomes an issue. Keep going forward until the drifter that has been coming in and out of comms pulls you out and tells you to wear a device to protect from the crushing waters. Go back into the sea and keep heading down to the signal. Be sure to pass through the many air bubbles to reset the pressure meter on the left. After reaching the sea floor, head to the large door and though it into the underwater facility.

Finally a cutscene will play with a corrupted Sloane and the Commander passing words about the beast behind the window. After that you’ll be instructed to go back to the helm to learn next steps. With that Destiny 2‘s The Descent will be completed. Stick around for more Destiny 2 guides and information.

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