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Best Echelon Loadout in XDefiant

Stop hanging at the back of the map and win some games using the best Echelon loadout in XDefiant.

The Echelon Faction is perfect for gathering intel and flanking your enemies in XDefiant. The Digital Ghillie Suit ability is important to pulling off sneaky flanks to ambush your enemies and take a point. The Intel Suit gives you the location of nearby enemies to avoid getting sneaked up on by the enemy team. So, if you want to get the best out of this faction, keep reading to learn about the best Echelon Loadout in XDefiant.

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XDefiant: The Best Echelon Loadout

The Echelon faction is perfect for gathering information about the enemy team and helping players flank into unexpected spots on the map to secure objectives and beat the enemy team. Here is the best Echelon loadout in XDefiant that will help you win those close matches:


  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Stock: Padded
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip
  • Front Rail: Tactical
  • Barrel: Stabilizing Barrel
P90 at the inspection screen
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The P90 offers players many benefits compared to other SMGs like the MP7 and MP5A2. The P90 has a 50-round magazine, average damage, and a controllable recoil that can be managed with iron sights and practice.

Magazine: I recommend using the Quick Mag. This magazine option will give you a +15% reload speed, something needed as the P90 has a 2.8-second reload time. The P90 offers players 50 rounds as the base magazine, so you’ll have plenty of ammo to go through a couple of enemies without reloading.

Stock: The Padded Stock option is the best choice, giving the weapon +15% recoil recovery, +10% ADS stability, and +5% ADS flinch control. All these benefits will improve the weapon’s handling without decreasing its movement or ADS speed.

Rear Grip: I recommend you use the Heavy Grip. This grip will further improve the P90’s ADS flinch by 10% and horizontal control of the weapon by 2.5%. Horizontal recoil is one of the hardest to control, so reducing it will enhance your chances of landing shots.

Front Rail: I encourage you to equip the Tactical option. This front rail option will enhance the weapon’s recoil recovery by +35%, its ADS speed by 5%, and a decrease in ADS walking speed by 5%. The walking speed decrease is small, so you shouldn’t notice it too much when moving and firing at your enemies.

Barrel: Finishing the first part of the best Echelon loadout in XDefiant is the Stabilizing Barrel. This barrel will improve P90’s recoil control, reducing the horizontal and vertical recoil by 5% at the expense of 5% sprint-shoot time and 5% ADS walking speed.

The Best Secondary for the Echelon Faction in XDefiant

For our secondary, you’ll want to equip the 93R. This burst-fire pistol can take out opponents in no time with the 93R’s fast fire rate and easy-to-control recoil. I recommend equipping the Fabric Grip, Quick Mag, Reflex Sight, and Barrel Extender.

Xdefiant's 93R at the inspection screen
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These attachments will further improve the weapon’s potential at the expense of some recoil recovery and sprint-shoot time. For devices, I recommend the Frag Grenade, but players can go for any other option, really.

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