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Best Echoes for Calcharo in Wuthering Waves

Here are the best Echoes for Calcharo in Wuthering Waves.

Calcharo is all about flashy combos and Electro damage, so you need Echoes that scale with his playstyle. These will mostly be those that boost Electro or his attack chain. Here are the best Echoes for Calcharo in Wuthering Waves.

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Best Calcharo Echoes in Wuthering Waves

The best Echoes for Calcharo in Wuthering Waves are those that have the Void Thunder Sonata effect or the Lingering Tunes effect. I prefer the Void Thunder just because Calcharo can do an incredible amount of Electro damage if you manage to land his entire Deathblade Gear combo. His non-Deathblade Gear combo is also based on the Heavy Attack, so the 5-piece Void Thunder Heavy Attack will boost future Electro damage.

I prefer to have one Overlord Echo, 2 Elite ones, and 1 common one just for the 5-piece Void Thunder Sonata set. In terms of primary Echoes, these are the best ones:

  • Thundering/Tempest Mephis: This early World Boss Echo will not only deal great damage but boost Calcharo’s further Electro damage.
  • Flautist: The Flautist has a high-damage channel attack that recovers Concerto Energy. That said, it’s only good if you can land it safely so use it either when the boss is staggered or when you have the boss taunted with something like Aalto’s Mist Avatar.
  • Zig Zag: While the Zig Zag’s damage type doesn’t synergize with Electro damage, it’s actually quite useful for Calcharo. The Echo attack creates a Stagnation Zone, which slows down bosses. This can be incredible for landing a full five-attack Deathblade Gear combo and finishing off with a Death Messenger.
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I would also suggest tuning elite Echoes for Electro damage while common ones should be for the Attack stat. Furthermore, look for Crit Rate on Calcharo, which synergizes with his Crit Rate bonus from the Forte page. The most an Echo can roll for Crit Rate is 10.4%, so try to get as close to this on your Echoes when tuning.

Those are the best Echoes for Calcharo in Withering Waves. For more WuWa guides, check out how to heal your party for free.

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